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Support is good for my soul, your soul, and the souls of those who may read this all.

Why did I decided to start a Patreon page? Because I believe if someone finds this useful and they want to help make it better, then why not ask and tell people how they can help make this all better.

I could be just blogging for fame and fortune, but I don’t know many bloggers who are getting famous and making oodles of money. I really am blogging to simply share, express, and use this platform to shoot out some light into the dark interwebs. And I decided to set up a support page so that others who may want to continue to encourage me in this have a way to do so.

So like this blog, follow this blog, share this blog, and donate to the creator of this blog. All those ways are helpful.

And if you’re a Christian, pray for me.

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