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Who’s are you?

Who’s are you? That’s the question the Bible asks all of us. It doesn’t ask us “who are you?” God knows who you are. He knows you better than you know yourself. However, God asks us through his word to answer the question: Who do you belong to? Who’s are you?

Who’s am I?

This is fundamental to the Bible. This is why the world was plunged into sin and all are born slaves of sin. We are born slaves of sin because of who’s we are. We are born of the seed of Adam, belonging to the lineage of Adam and thus being children of the Devil. That’s who’s we are. We are born children of Satan because Adam subjected us all to Satan.

So if I am going to tell you about “me,” then you really need to know who I belong to. Who is my authority? Who owns me?

God the Father. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God of David. The Father of Jesus. The Son of the Father. The Spirit of the Son and of the Father. That’s who owns me.

God decided to take ownership of me. He became my authority around October 2010.

I was a wretch. Proud in heart. Playing with the emotions of young girls. Thinking that I knew God, though I was living like a child of Satan because I was a child of Satan. I was self deceived.

I would read the Bible and twist it to my own fancy. It was like receiving orders and commands from a king, pick the words I wanted and burn the rest. Then I would declare how much I knew because I read the kings commands, and I would make the Kings commands say the opposite of what they said. And then, instead of pointing to the wisdom of the King, and the greatness of his kind commands that produced life, I would talk about how amazing I was, and how those children of the King were fools and didn’t know much about their father.

If providence would have put me in the crowd of Jews the day Jesus was crucified, I would have been among them, yelling “crucify him!” I didn’t want the Jesus that walked the earth. I wanted a Jesus of my own politically correct making, who was a liberal-conservative hybrid, obeying my whims and commands.

I increasingly used the Bible to affirm the sins God hates. And I became the fool, who ignored the teachings of the wise, and misunderstood what is plainly seen. I saw but did not see, and I heard but did not hear.

But God sent a prophet. His words pierced my soul. He exposed who I was.

I wish I could say that I am like the woman at the well. She was told by Jesus her sins. She had had five husbands, and the one she was with now wasn’t her husband. She then proceeded to go around and told everyone how amazing Jesus was, and how he knew her better than anyone, and yet she had never met him before. She believed in him. She pointed and looked to him. She has done something I don’t do: She pointed people to Jesus by declaring the sin that he had called her out on.

I am too good to tell others my sin. No, no, no. Can’t do that. “I’m a Christian! We’re perfect! I need to be seen as perfect for the world to listen to me!”

Yes, I wish I had half the courage that woman did. No. Instead, I was transformed, and then I continued to hold onto some of my sins. If not all of them.

I’m nothing like that woman at the well. I don’t boast in my weakness. I hide it. I’m so arrogant that I think I know how to evangelize better than God does.

Yet Jesus uses the weak in the world to confound and shame the wise. And boy do I think I’m wise. I have been confounded by the weak men and women of the Bible. And yet Jesus saved me from myself, and continues to do so.

I am Christ’s. I belong to Him. And it seems like He won’t let me go, and He keeps calling me and drawing me to himself.

Jesus is so patient. And I am just a sinner, being carried along by the Holy Spirit into greater degrees of Holiness. He works slow, but I praise God he continues to work.

Preface: Before the Journey Unfolded

Editors Note: This is the third part of a series discussing how I came to be married. The first part is here. The second part is here.


At that point in my life I was beginning to contemplate that perhaps it was better to be single. After all, that is what Paul said. And I didn’t know if I was ever going to get married, and I didn’t know if I wanted to. Devoting my life completely to ministry and to work for the Lord seemed like what I wanted to do. Yet, I still had a burning passion and desire for marriage.

In this contemplation, I began to think that maybe I should pray for a few months, fast, and make a decision if I was going to walk a life of singleness or a life of marriage. If I was to live a life of singleness then I would figure out the best way to serve God’s people as a single person. If I was to live a life of marriage, then I would figure out the next step in what I need to do to prepare for marriage.

A month had gone by and I had hung out with this girl that I disliked more often than I cared to. We had attended the same church for three or more years without saying hi to one another and I liked it better that way. Yet we somehow managed to always be at the same place together with our friends. We always had the same group of friends, but it wasn’t until this time that we managed to hang out together with our mutual group of friends. Of whom I was almost always with.

Over that month nothing changed. I barely spoke with her, but I was cordial. I still disliked her and she was still cold and distant, though she smiled with some of our friends here and there. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad.)

What changed was one Sunday evening.

Now, I must add this for details sake. The church I attended had a Spanish service, which met in the churches old chapel (this is a megachurch) on Sunday mornings and also at the other campus location in the evening. I volunteered all day Sunday at church, plus Thursday and Friday nights as well.

So after a full day of volunteering and hanging out with my brothers and sisters in Christ, it was the end of the day. We were at the other campus talking and hanging out after service. It was the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I had a free movie ticket.

So I brought it up to the group. I asked if anyone wanted to see a movie the next day, to which almost everyone (10 or more people) said yes. I said that I had a free movie ticket, to which another person said they also had a free ticket. Yes, she, the one I disliked, had a free movie ticket.

To make matters worse, everyone unanimously voted us to be in charge of setting up the time and place and movie. And then someone else had a bright idea: her and I should exchange numbers so we can set up the time and the day, as well as pick the movie.

Now, because I didn’t like her, I wasn’t trying to go out of my way to get her number. But, in the spirit of Christian niceness I said that was okay with me. She agreed to it as well. So we exchanged numbers.

The next day I text’d her some message saying that we needed to figure this out and good morning as well. So we asked who all was still able to go and which movie in the list of movies seemed good. There wasn’t much playing that I cared for, and I think we got a few votes on Les Miserables. So we decided the time and theater.

The horror began when our friends started to cancel on us. One by one our friends dropped out until it seemed like no one was left. In divine providence, God had set up a date with a girl I didn’t want to be with, on a day that I thought I could spend time with my friends, in a way in which I normally didn’t like dating girls: going to the movies.

But hark, that was what seemed would happen. I was silently freaking out but I needed to use this ticket soon and I’d rather not wait. So I made a joke, hoping that she’d say maybe we should try again another time. I joked saying, “Well, I guess this is just you and me. This will be my first date in years. hahaha!”

Instead of “protecting her brothers heart” or some hogwash like that, she simply responded, “awww, how cute. Have your mother dress you and take a picture.”

I laughed to myself, nervously. But, decided, why not? So I had my mom take a picture of me with my green Crazor flip phone in the age of iphones.

Thankfully she was silently freaking out too and made two of our mutual friends agree to go. I silently thanked God but instead of being honest, I joked, saying that they’d be our chaperons on this date.

At this point it’s hard to stress that I was not into her, I did not want to be alone with her, and that the last thing I wanted was to go on a date with her. But, here I was, and I was joking about it because I was so comfortable knowing that this was not any of that. If it was really a date I probably would have been freaking out in a completely different way.

So we get to the movie and she’s already there. So I go up and sit next to her. I say hi, ask her how her day was, and some small talk, while also joking about how it’s “our date” and how they’ll be chaperoning.

They walk in, two girls that I love dearly as beloved sisters, whom I had spent lots of time with. I joke with them about the date and they laugh, but they end up sitting a few seats away. Which I didn’t want.

But now here I was, joking because I didn’t want to seem uncomfortable. Which made it more uncomfortable for me.

The movie starts, and it’s the advertisements and previews.

Now, to not be uncomfortable, I joke during the previews. This is something I normally do during movies. Yes, I’m a talker during movies. I have to. I need to engage with it otherwise I don’t stay as involved in the movie and may doze off.

Two previews in, and instead of asking me not to, my future wife turns to me, and says with all the venom she can, “You’re not going to do this during the whole movie, are you?”

Ignoring the obvious poison in her tone, I laughed and lied. “No.”

Inside, I died. Now I absolutely did not like this girl. And if I even entertained the thought that there was a possibility she was marriage material, it all sank with that comment.

We watched the movie, which I slept most of it. We left. I complained about it. I hated it. I went home unhappy, but glad to know that I had no interest in this girl at all.

At this point I had been praying for a month if singleness the rest of my life was a good decision. It seemed like an answer to prayer. Life long singleness seemed to be the answer as time progressed. My dislike of this girl only spurred on that desire to be single.


What’s been going on: Moving?

So it’s been a while since I have blogged. Nearly three or so weeks. It feels like an age or lifetime ago.

I’ll continue my series on how I met my wife every Wednesday (hopefully), but for now I need to get back into the habit of blogging daily. Let me start with what’s stopped me for this past few weeks.

I’ve been to my brothers wedding up in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a beautiful, simple, and enjoyable wedding. Dancing, food, and good times with family.

Nearly a week after that I fly out to another state in which I had some job interviews. I may be moving within a month, and so we’re getting geared up, ready and set for that. So I’ve been trying to complete the work I do from home, plus the work needed for moving (like figuring out what we’re moving, how, and where we’re living), plus my job, and making sure I’m spending time with my wife and son, being a dad who wants his family to continue to grow into people who serve Christ in every area of their lives.

Through this all I’ve learned that we need to keep our hearts focused upon Christ all the more. It’s easy for things not to work out in exactly the time you want it to work out, but the Lord know’s what’s best for His people, and if something is His will, He always does the best job at accomplishing His purposes. In waiting for the jobs I interviewed with to call back I learned to keep my heart steady upon Christ, knowing that His will is perfect.

It’s certainly a bunch of new things and new emotions, but through it all God is our joy, not our circumstances. Even potential circumstances. Our desire is to do what is right in the Lord’s eyes, not our own. Since we don’t live in Israel, nor are we under the old covenant, we aren’t bound by location. So to discern what is right and best is somewhat difficult because it requires much more wisdom.

Since Israel was all in one location, they then could easily (if they wanted to) continue to obey the Lord, and remain where they were. Which means growing the economy of Israel, the riches of Israel, the good of your neighbor, and loving God’s people. But, being in an age where God’s people are spread throughout the whole Earth, there is much more we must consider. Which means more wisdom from God is required, more counsel, and much more prayer and supplication to God, desiring God’s direction through His word and the providence of the Holy Spirit.

We can simply remain where we are, and I don’t think we’d be disobeying God if we did. What has happened is that, as we have sought the wisdom of God through his word, we have found that there are principles that we must live by. Part of these principles have caused us to think about our circumstances, think about what God requires of us through His word, and then make decisions based upon His wisdom found in His word.

He tells us to seek after wisdom, which is far better than riches. We believe that this move has to do with seeking wisdom. It has to do with our sanctification. It has to do with what we see God’s word requires of us to do for our family.

Hard decisions were made, but, by God’s grace, we will be walking in the guidance and light of His spirit and His word. We are not ashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ, who summons us to be like Him. And we believe moving will help us continue to be more like Him.

It’s odd. I’m neither excited nor scared. Neither worried nor overjoyed to leave. I feel like we’re doing what we’ve always been doing, and that’s following God as He guides. This is definitely work, but probably just as much work as getting married.

It’s definitely going to cost us more money than our wedding. But to follow Christ is worth all the treasure in the world.

You Shouldn’t lead by example

I find that the cliche “lead by example” is one that probably needs to die, soon. It needs to be killed, retired, and forgotten. It needs to be buried beneath the deepest floor in the deepest part of the ocean.

You may be wondering why. It’s because I don’t know what it means.

Over the course of time, old phrases get used so much they become meaningless. The phrase might be used in a way it was never meant to be used and so it begins to fall flat. Flat like old soda. It has no fizz, no punch, no kick, no life. And I believe “lead by example” is one of those phrases.

I once used the phrase to tell someone that all they could do about a certain person in the situation they were put in is lead by example. What did that mean in that situation? What does that even mean?

If someone is going out destroying their body, you don’t “lead by example” by not destroying your body. They could care less what you’re doing. What you need to do is stop them from destroying themselves. You don’t lead by hoping someone will follow, you lead by action.

When I look through the Bible, I don’t find leaders who merely did things that were good examples. The reason why they’re good examples is because they did what needed to be done in the situation they were in. David didn’t merely lead by example. He didn’t just sit there and tell himself “I’m not going to kill Saul, and hopefully my men will follow my example.” No, David decided not to kill the Lords anointed, and he stopped his men from doing the same. He not only lived out his beliefs, he made sure those around him also lived it out.

Jesus didn’t just respect the temple and hope the people would see his example and respect it as well. No, Jesus made a whip and made them respect God’s house. He threw out the wickedness. He forced his beliefs upon people.

Of course this can be taken too far, and obviously I’m not saying that Christians need to go around forcing people to do what they want them to do. We have differences in thought about the way we ought to worship, when, how, and the way we should organize church. We shouldn’t force others to do what we believe they should do.

However, when it comes to “leading by example,” we have to stop pretending that being silent is going to get people to follow our example. We have to stop pretending that just seeing our good example will make people follow. If you don’t want people to follow your example, then don’t do what you’re doing. And if you don’t want to lead people in doing your example, then don’t think you’re leading by example. You’re being an example, but you’re not leading.

Joshua and Caleb were great examples. But neither of them lead the people of Israel for another 40 years.

Don’t abuse the word lead by thinking it means just doing good. Be an example by doing good. And sure, maybe you’re the first to do the good that ought to be done. But that’s still not leading, that’s just being the first. Sometimes it’s the third or fourth person who starts doing that good who becomes “lead.”

A better reason for doing good, for continuing to do good, is not because someone may follow or notice or it may change someone. A better reason is because Jesus told you to do so, and it is better to follow Christ than to lead people.

Why My Wife and I Don’t get along

It’s true. We don’t get along. Well, at least sometimes. Usually when one of us is tired, or hungry, or cranky, or as my wife says, hangry. Except this isn’t really entirely true.

You see, when I’m tired or hungry around others, I’m quicker to watch my tongue and check my heart. I’m a little more ready to squash how I feel and do what is right. But, when it’s just my wife and I, I don’t pay as close attention to my words, and I don’t check my heart as quick. I’ll let my feelings well up more and I’m quicker to lash out or lash back.

There’s a word for this, it’s called sin. The truth is our sinful nature is what causes us to not get along. I want what I want, and she wants what she wants. Or, I want what she has, and she wants what I have. It’s a mess.

I think James sum’s it up quit nicely:

James 4:1-3

[1] What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you? [2] You desire and do not have, so you murder. You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel. You do not have, because you do not ask. [3] You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions. (ESV)

The only way we deal with this is by learning to love one another. Which basically means thinking about the others need over and above our own. It means wanting to spend every ounce of your strength diligently seeking to obey the Lord, and that often means loving your spouse in such a way that you expend yourself for them. As you do it, you find that you have a never ending supply, because God has given you a well, not a tank.

Praise be to God that we have seen it modeled for us in Jesus Christ. So be filled with the Spirit, be constant in prayer, and continue meditating upon God’s word.


Why I no longer attend a megachurch

I’m not at all trying to say that all megachurches are bad. But, there are reasons why I left a particular megachurch. This may not be reflective of all megachurches, but I believe it is a reflection of many churches, even small churches.

The major problem most megachurches have is their size. It becomes more difficult for people to be involved, even though they have a huge number of volunteers. Some churches do it well, I hear, and most struggle to keep everyone plugged in.

But here are my reasons for leaving the particular megachurch I did.

Reasons I left

The Gospel isn’t the center. This is probably the biggest reason why I left. When I was woken up by a man of God who preached about my sin, I began to read and study the Bible like never before. As I read and studied I saw that the church I attended didn’t seem to preach about the Jesus I saw in the Bible. It took a while, but I slowly recognized that the church had a semblance of the gospel, a truncated and watered down version, and that their center wasn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ and their commitment wasn’t to the word of God. Instead, I saw a commitment to make people feel welcomed and to preach a message that made people feel good about themselves.

I have met, over the years, people who attend the church and yet don’t even know who Jesus is, what He did, or why it’s important. I always hear these attenders talk about how big the church is, how welcoming, and how good they feel leaving. I’ve almost never heard them talk about how they realized their sin, how God desires all honor and glory, and how we ought to bow down and worship Him forever because that is our greatest joy, why God’s love is so amazing, and how can God be good and the justifier of the wicked.

The Bible isn’t preached. Since the Gospel was neglected, and people became the center, there was more stories in the message and more talks about being a leader, with occasional Bible verses tacked at the end. As I read the Bible and study these verses that were hanging onto the sermon I saw that most of the time these verses were never explained. After a while, I saw more truly that the verses were never fully understood by the preacher, and while they were used in such a way to turn the emotions and emphasize the preachers point, what the verse was actually said was ignored.

It would be similar to isolating the words “what the verse was actually saying,” and then telling everyone that I was saying how the megachurch preached what the verse was saying; when I wasn’t. To handle the word of God with little care for what God says… says something.

There is little transformation. Even with all the emphasis on transformation, and the boasting in the number of baptisms, hands raised, and money they donated and things they did, ultimately there was little transformation. If you took all the numbers of “salvation’s” and baptisms, most of the area surrounding them would be Christians by now. The entire area I live in would be overrun with God fearing people. Yet, nearly a mile away from one of the churches satellite campuses, a strip club opened up. I’m not saying this is the churches fault, but there is something of a disconnect from what they’re saying and reality. I don’t doubt at all that God can use even the most muddied gospel presentation to draw some to Himself, but wouldn’t it be better if there wasn’t all the mud?

I love the body of Christ

I want to end with the major reason why I write this: I love the body of Christ. I write this because I am jealous to see Christ’s body honored, loved, cared for, and nourished. And sometimes that means pointing out the obvious. Many non-believers saw through the megachurch rather quickly and easily. And sadly, their assessment was correct. The obvious was this: the church cared more about commitment to their organization and money.

It’s why the Gospel isn’t preached. It’s why the Bible is used for their own purposes. It’s why the whole counsel of God isn’t taught. It’s why there’s little true transformation. It’s why I left.

I hate to see the body of Christ used, abused, and ignored. And that is what happens at churches where the Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t the center. That is what happens at churches where the Bible is treated like a book of inspirational quotes.

Trying to Word it

Imagine a boy alone on a boat out at sea. The wind is pushing hard and driving him too and fro. The waves are pushing him around as well, and he only has a little control of the direction with his oars. The boy knows the direction he has to head, but he doesn’t know how to get there with all the beating and all the blowing.
Now the boy could just not do anything because he doesn’t want to make a mistake in putting his oar down in the wrong place at the wrong time. He could let the wind and water take him wherever, even though he ought to head in a certain direction. That’s one option.
Another option is the boy could only wait until he felt it right to place his oar in this spot or that spot.
Another option is the boy could make every effort he can to steer the boat in the right direction, careful not to tip over, and at least do what he can as everything pushes him around.
I realize more that when I know God’s love, I want to do more, try more, and not afraid to fail more because God is with me. Unless something is blatant sin I have no fear, because I know God will direct me.
This world is too sinful to try and figure out if this or that is God’s perfect will. I am too messed up to believe that I have to clean myself up and my situation before I move forward with what God has declared good and right.
We’re too fallen to make any decision on our own, but as Christians we are also too redeemed to believe that we ever make any decision without God using it for our good.


This is a true story. Names are not included, and I took a little bit of literary liberty. I wouldn’t remember them anyways because it wasn’t a story I was involved in but someone I know. I write it mostly because I liked the witty response of the pastor. There’s truth to what he responds with.

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Why I Write

I began writing this blog in 2013. I was blogging before then, I think five years on blogspot. So I’ve probably been blogging since 2007-2010. I don’t remember why I blogged back in 2007, I think it was because I thought I was such a great writer. But, what I do remember is my goal back in 2013 was to write to grow in my understanding; to work through my own thoughts, and to hopefully get some feedback to help me in my understanding as well as in my writing. That goal hasn’t changed much.

What has changed about this blog is now I’m aiming to write everyday. The reason for that change is manifold: God changing my attitude about work, God changing my heart about not needing to be perfect in my writing, and realizing no one is really reading anyways so I can just see this as practice.

Well, that’s changed slightly. Over the past year or so I’ve gained a few more followers and some pretty consistent readers. Maybe a dozen, but that’s where I want it to stay for a while. Why? Because I’m not writing to gain a following, I really am writing to learn. I do write as though I am writing to others, but now it seems I am actually writing to people who are actually reading. Yet, my thoughts haven’t changed. I am writing to learn, and I hope in my learning you the reader can glean something as well.

Okay, now that I stated part of the reasons for writing in this medium (blog), let me add a few things that may benefit someone who may: have their own blog, want to write, or feels like they have nothing to say.

There is a writer I enjoy a lot, who blogs everyday. His name is Douglas Wilson. He is a prolific writer and lots of fun to read. There was something he said about the reason why he writes that is quite profound and simple. He said that he writes for the same reasons that a dog barks.

There is something there I think that people who want to write but don’t write are missing: the people who want to write but don’t are the people who are more worried about how their bark sounds rather than just barking. Meaning this: when Doug says he writes for the same reason dogs bark, he is in a sense saying that he writes what he wants to write about, and he writes about that stuff because he wants to call attention to whatever he’s barking at for whoever may listen.

This is where I think many wannabe writers, bloggers, or even Christians who don’t think they have something worth saying fall short in their thinking. They are worried about “saying the right thing” or “doing it perfectly” or “being like these amazing writers.” My question for you, if you are among that category, is this: Does a dog care what his bark sounds like?

I don’t write because I want to sound smart or be seen as an amazing writer. In fact, I really suck. My grammar needs work. My sentence structure could use tuning. I don’t have a large vocabulary. And my writing could use more imagery. However, these aren’t the reasons I write. I don’t write to sound smart, or to show off my grammar, or my sentence structure, or my vocabulary (not much to show off anyways). I don’t write because I think I’m amazing at writing. I write because I need to write. I write because I have to bark at those dang trees that I hate. I write because a burglar is trying to break into the homes of Christians. I write because I want to write. I write because I have to say something, even if it’s just my thoughts; even if that burglar was all in my head.

I write because I want to follow Ephesians 4:29, as in, writing to build up those who may hear, and be used by God to give grace to those who may read. Doug writes for the same reason a dog barks. I write for the same reason a dog chases it’s tail. It’s fun, and for those watching, it may be funny, or weird, or awkward, but it makes us forget for a little bit about ourselves.

And Christians need all the help they can to forget about themselves and look more to Christ and to love His bride.


Creator or Curator

I recently read a blog by Tim Challies on Two Kinds of Blog, and I found it pretty helpful.

The reason why I found it helpful was because I am new to the blogosphere and I am still practicing. That’s why I am trying to write daily and read daily. I want to get better at writing and I want to get better at marketing. And sometimes the best way to get better at marketing is knowing what you’re good at and what you’re bad at.

Challies talks about two types of blogs: creation and curation. Creation is what I’ve been doing mostly, which is making new content. Curation is taking the content of others and bringing it together for a particular audience who would be interested in it. I found this distinction helpful because I realized that I probably have functioned as a curator for friends and family for a while. Though many haven’t necessarily taken up everything I’ve told them to read, or possibly none of it, I realized that I have read a lot and listened to a lot, and maybe someone might benefit from a little curation on this blog from time to time.

We will see how it works. I need to be more organized for sure, and that’s not a bad thing.

Little Passion for God

As I was reading the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, the chapter on prayer, I was humbled by Calvin’s depth of insight into the character of God. I was troubled by his vast knowledge into the word of God because of my lack of. And I was stirred and wanted to cry because of his passion and love for God. The richness of his language, his use of his words, his careful articulation and inflaming passion that his writing stirred in me. There have been very few authors who excite in me such a passion to know God, and Calvin has surpassed them all.

The authors I typically read are trying to stir up your emotions and stir up a desire to know God more. They use certain language to move the reader towards seeking to know God more. But Calvin does not try to stir up to wanting to know God. He simply and accurately articulates what he is writing about, and in doing so you get a sense of his passion and it stirs you up.

Like Tozer, when he said that what comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us. Someone else once wrote that there has never been a time where someone knew God too deeply. It might have been John Piper, I’m not too sure, however, such language stirs you. It excites in you a longing without telling you that you need to long for God more.

To use language to articulate the depths of God’s word and demonstrate the greatness of God, and in so doing bubble up the wellspring of emotion in people to desire to know God more, is a direction I want to head towards. I am not there, and I am still finding my writing “voice,” if it exists. And I don’t think I’ll even surpass those whom I have read. I don’t know how I can. I truly am in a time where I stand on the shoulders of immovable mountain giants.

If we had half the passion these men did. If only we loved God as much as He deserved our love. Perhaps then blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and all social media would be less flooded by nonsense, and instead there would be deep thinking and passion for God. Such passion would ignite correct thinking about politics, and arts, and law, and countries, and how we ought to function in the world.