My name is Truth Needham. I’m just an average-joe kinda guy. I do lots of average-joe kinda things: I husband, I father, I aspire to author, I read novels, I write bad blogs, I church, and I teach. I’ve been married for three years and have been a father for two years, and if you think that’s a short amount of time then let’s see you try it.

I have aspired to be an author for about fourteen years, and have been mostly not writing all those years which is why I’m starting now, superdy-duper late into the game. I have read novels for probably sixteen years (I’m twenty-six), which means I hated reading as a kid.

I have churched for most my life, though I was a liberal-Mormon hybrid of sorts (don’t worry, I’ve repented of both).  I am now more in the line of Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical of sorts. And I have taught for five years, still figuring out what the heck I’m suppose to teach.

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