The most important job

There is something about our day and age that permeates our culture. There is an aroma of our society that wafts itself everywhere in the US. This aroma has also infected much of the church of Jesus Christ. This aroma has seeped into our clothes, our homes, our hair, our minds, our hearts, and into our bedrooms.

This aroma I’m talking about is the fact that children are seen more as a curse, a burden, a difficult task that prevents us from doing what we really want to do. Children are not viewed highly at all, even among most Christians.

This post will be short because not much needs to be said, but Christians need to realize that child rearing is probably one of the most important tasks we can do. Theologically, we believe children have eternal souls. This means that every child has a soul and will be in heaven or hell. Talk about high stakes. Talk about a weighty calling. Talk about a task that has more impact that many other tasks you do. Some people think housewives are the supportive role, when truly men are supporting wives in caring for children at an early age, protecting them, until the men then step in and take on the rest of the training and sharpening of these arrows.

God gives us a task that has eternal significance.

Not only that, but according to 1 Timothy 3, a man ought not to be a pastor or elder in a church if his household is in order. His wife and children, the way his home is run, is the very degree certificate of whether he ought to join in this task or not. It’s his resume. He who is faithful in a little will be faithful in much. And so we see, that if a man is faithful in raising children and ordering his home well, which is not a small task at all, then he can be a candidate for a task that is similar to raising a household but on a bigger scale.

Raising children and being a good husband is not something to look down upon. Nor is it something to make silly comments about. I will not sniff at a woman who is raising children. I will not sniff at men and women who actually care for the raising of their children, and are diligent to follow God’s ways.

This tremendous task is fraught with difficulty because of our own sin and the sin of those around us. It’s difficult because our society hates child rearing, as evidenced by the slaughter of thousands of children everyday in the womb.

Everyone may be in different circumstances, and so some women may not be able to have children, but I will not downplay how great the task of having children and raising them is to make some women feel better about their circumstances. We all must raise ourselves up to God as living sacrifices, being grateful for our circumstances, and not be envious of those who have what we believe we cannot have.

Raise those eternal souls. Know you won’t do it perfectly, yet God has given the task to us. Raise yourselves up to God in so doing this task. Offer it up to God, and seek to do his will.

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