Aroma of the Home

As I’ve been thinking about the issues of paedobaptism and children, I have been thinking about households and raising children. It’s a difficult task but also a joyful one. It’s one that stretches you, grows you, and causes you to do things you otherwise may never do. Being a parent is challenging and fun.

Today, many people around my age typically don’t see child rearing as a good thing. In fact, most people I talk to seem to gripe and moan about it more than anything. With no outside pressure, they make fun of their children, degrade them, or talk about how awful the whole thing was.

Granted, most of it probably was, but I believe that it comes down to what your household aroma is.

The aroma of the home is the atmosphere that permeates the home. Is it one of joy, life, fellowship, adventure, exploring, learning, and feasting? Or is it one of silence, anger, bitterness, independence, dis-fellowship, malice, strife, frustration, and gloom?

As a Christian, my goal is to make my household one of joyful fellowship, with God and man. This is my aim in being the head of the household. For my wife and my son to be loved, protected, and in right relation with God and man. I want flourishing in my home. A home of joy. A home of gladness. A home of inquiry and play. A home of talk and mirth. A home where bees come to soak in nectar, only to take it with themselves back to their own homes.

We are a long ways off. But, by God’s grace, we will get there.

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