Cerebral blindness

Something that has become obvious to me, though it be silly that it has become obvious now, is that when we study doctrine we aren’t studying something, Truly we are studying someone’s thoughts. We are studying the thoughts of God.

I think I always readily write that I want to obey God and know the truth, and that I want to be Biblical and follow God’s word. However, these phrases have been hiding a truth in plain sight. Or maybe to put it another way is that these phrases haven’t hit me in certain ways they ought to be taken.

That truth that is hiding is that as we study the Bible, we are studying God’s thoughts. We are studying His work and character. Which means also, when we pray to know the truth and live it out, we aren’t just asking for something, but we are asking for God to teach us His thoughts, for these truly are His thoughts. We want to see and understand them accurately.

Perhaps what I have written here is still hiding this glorious truth in plain sight to others, but I’m astounded and humbled that I can know what God desires. I’m breathless as the thought that God would actually share His thoughts with me. I’m humbled by the fact that God actually has opinions on every matter.

I know by writing God having “opinions” may throw people off because what God says must be obeyed and His thoughts are truth, fact, and solid. This is true and I agree, and I’m not trying to take away any of that. However, sometimes using words don’t light up certain angles that we may be missing. Whenever I talk about truth, sometimes I’m talking about God as though He is something to be studied and not loved. In the same way, sometimes when I talk about God’s word needing to be obeyed, I am talking about God as though he didn’t send his son on this earth and create everything. When I say opinion I am merely using a human word to get my human mind and heart to realize and wake-up to the fact that God is more than something in my thoughts, or principles, or beliefs or faith. God is a being who has opinions. His happen to be always true and always right and always wise and always good. He has an opinion on your daily activities, routine, money spending, etc.

And either you’ll obey His opinions or you won’t.


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