Baptizing the Infant

As I mentioned before, my wife and I have moved. We moved far away from where we once were and are attending a church far different than the one we previously were. This is always bound to happen since all people are different. However, when I say different I mean doctrinal. One of the differences is in regards to infant baptism.

In the spirit of this difference, and in wanting to better understand why they baptize their infants, I want to go through a book I was given called To a Thousand Generations: infant baptism – covenant mercy for the people of God by Douglas Wilson. Douglas Wilson is a man I have great respect for. I have learned much from his writings on all sorts of issues, and have come to be a more joyful Christians because of it. There have been three men whom I’ve never met who’ve done far more for me than I can express gratitude to God for. Paul Washer preached the gospel to me. John Piper gave me the big doctrinal direction of my life. And Douglas Wilson has taught me how to live life.

All that to say I respect these men whom I’ve never met, and owe a great debt to them. And as I address Wilson’s book on infant baptism, it is with great respect I do. I do not believe that this book I was given is all there is to say, nor does it represent the church I attend as a whole. But it’s a small book, easy for my to manage as I continue to settle in up here, and it’s a great place to start since it is by a man I have learned much and owe much.

I also must say on the outset that I’ve not wrestled with this issue as much as perhaps I should have. Maybe the arguments will be persuasive enough, being derived from God’s word, to convince me that I ought to baptize my son. I feel pretty convinced in my own mind but I’m always willing to submit myself to the word of God if it can be shown that I am in error on any doctrine of mine.

This will be both a journey and a wrestle and arguing. May God bless my time as I work through the book and the arguments within it.

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