Spiritual Worship and Fearing Man

As I’ve been writing about, being a living sacrifice, I want to add one thing.

As a sacrifice, I must not fear man. Not only should I have no fear of man, but that my fear of God should be far greater than fearing anything or anyone.

If I am to be destroyed for God, if I am to be offered up as a sacrifice, then I must not fear what others think. I am God’s. I am for His pleasure. In fact, we are to be symbols that ought to cause fear in others. We are heirs of God’s kingdom, and that king will put all his enemies his feet.

We must not pretend, as we offer up our spiritual worship, that we must somehow make God appealing to unbelievers. Our job is to make unbelievers appealing to God. We will be fools, but the opinions of men who don’t serve a holy God are futile. Instead of fearing what others may do or think we must keep Gods thoughts more on the forefront of our minds. Remember, God hates the wicked. These men who hate God can’t do anything to us. But when God hates a man there is nothing that won’t stop Him from pouring out his wrath.

Let us not kid ourselves. As living sacrifices we will be detestable to the world. We are alive and yet symbols of death, for we died with Christ and are killing our flesh and losing our lives for Him. We are the aroma of death to those who are perishing, as Corinthians says. Living sacrifices offer up everything they are, have, and do to the one whom they are a sacrifice for. Living sacrifices seek to please and serve the one for whom they are a sacrifice. In offering up our bodies we are offering up all our actions and deed. We are seeking holiness in thought, word, and deed. And this is worship.

This means worship is our entire lives. It’s not once a week. It’s every second of every day.

So we must not fear man because it is man who ought to fear God. If we fear man we know neither the love of God nor do we believe the truth that God will put all his enemies under his feet. We must keep the truth on our tongue and in our mind. God will rule this world entirely, and any fear of man is wasted time and wasted energy. Man is fleeting and passing, and will be judged by his maker.

Are you obeying your love, Lord, and Master? Are you a living symbol of death, a pleasing aroma to your God? Is everything you do aligned with the character of God as demonstrated in His word?

As characters in His story, we need to know who we are. And if we are what we should not be, then we must repent, trust in Jesus to make us what we are not, and seek to be what we are not.

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