The Movement You don’t care about

Nearly 500 years ago there was a movement that was taking place all over the world. This movement was so important that 500 years later people would still be talking about it, though not as many people as should be talking about it. This movement had such a dramatic effect on the world that if it were not for that movement our world would not be what it is. We breath the expired C02 of this movement. It permeates everything we are. Yet little appreciation and study is given to this movement.

As I said earlier, there are people still talking about the movement, but they are few. No doubt the amount of people talking about it are as few as the number of fingers on a two fingered giant.

The movement I am talking about is known as the Reformation. It was a time when men and women were not allowed to read the Bible in their native tongue. It was a time when priests read and preached in Latin, a language known to none but the priests. It was a time when men and women were starving for the pure milk of God’s word, and instead being fed the dry dust of a coffin.

The Catholic Church was feeding itself and making itself fat with the coins of the people, while the people believed in the empty and devouring words of the Catholic Church. For hundreds of years the pope wielded the power of the state.

The Catholic Church had power and wealth and was building itself up while the children of God were hungering for solid food and in need of pastors that loved them. The corruption in the church was widespread and recognizable.

It was 500 years ago that many men and women began to stand up against the corruptions of the Catholic Church. When the Bible was finally set free to be read by the common people (not allowed before the reformation), this is how the Catholic Church lost its grip. Soon God’s Word shined the hypocrisy and lies and false beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Christians and nonchristians alike have benefited from the Reformation. If it were not for the Reformation, perhaps the world may still be under the tyrannical rule of a false gospel and been under the rule of the Pope.

So this October, especially October 31st, remember this is 500 years after the Reformation. Remember that you owe it to the Reformation that you have the Bible in your hand.

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