Don’t Forget the Author

A character in any book can pretend they will do what they want to do, but as any author knows, those characters ultimately are under the control of the author.

Sometime this past month I said I could write everyday. I thought I could write everyday for the next month or year even. I’ve gotten close to it before, so why not?

Well, I want to say first that most of everything I said is still true. We must aim high. We must set goals and shoot for it. The loser isn’t the person who hasn’t reached the goal, the loser is the one who hasn’t made one and even tried to reach it.

But, I have to add that one must never forget God. There was some pride there in what I wrote and said. I knew I could. I definitely could. But, I’m not the author of my story. My life isn’t being written by me, contrary to what the world wants you to think. Your story is being written by God. You may be a good or a bad guy. Look at the Bible. All the characters are God’s characters. Which character are you?

Are you the faithful Abraham? Maybe not, he did tried to save his own neck by giving his wife away as though she were just a sister. Are you the giant? No one wants to be beat by a snotty little kid.

The gospel can be summarized as this: Are you the people saved by Jesus Christ or the people who hate or disbelieve Jesus?

Anyways, this blog post isn’t suppose to be one of those blogs. I was talking about how I went days without writing. Long story short is: God happened.

He gave me an eye that started to hurt and lose vision. It was the next day after my blog that my eye got so bad that everyone started noticing me with this red eye. People wanted to know if I was dying or if I was going blind. Constantly asked if I was okay.

Half the time, I could only think about how it hurt, and how I’m funny for thinking that I can do anything I want to. Thankfully I know what character I am in God’s book, but even those characters who receive eternal blessing get disciplined, and I’m not sure if my eye problem (called iritis) was discipline but it certainly made it hard to write.

I was going to write everyday, but God wouldn’t have it. I would have failed anyways, but I was reminded that my life is not in my hands but His.

So my eye has gotten better (after a few weeks). Vision is still blurry but it’s getting better.

Maybe I will actually be able to write daily. Let’s see what God wills and if I will be disciplined enough.

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