Update and Goals

My family and I have moved nearly 3300 miles away from where we once were. I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts because of that, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. Not really because many people read this, but because I need to write and think more than people need to read. And for those of you who do actually read I really thank you kindly. You are doing the hard part. Actually reading what I write and giving up time to see what I have to say is more than I deserve. So this quick note is for those who stick around. Thank You.

In connection with that update I want to write quickly my goals. Now goals are things we need to set that should make sense, be practical, but also push us. It should be something we can actually do. Not with ease but within reasonable effort. So I’m setting some goals for this blog that I am writing down mostly for myself but also so that if anyone wants to they can hold me to my goals.

Goals also may not be obtained, but it is better to try and fail than to not try because you might fail. So here I am, setting goals that I can actually accomplish but will probably fail in hopes that with more work I will eventually meet my own goals.

My goal is to post a post a day. They may be short or long, they might be meditations or random notes, but I desire them to be useful, both for myself in thinking and for others in reading.

May the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ shine ever more in this world and in the world of the internet.

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Husband. Father of one. Writer of fiction. Massage Therapist. Video Game, Comic Book, Fiction, and Non-Fiction enjoy'r. Reader of Theology. You may find him reading the Bible. View all posts by TruthN

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