Christians in America need to start repenting. We really do.

We have a fun time poking at the culture around us and pointing out the major logs in their eyes. But if we want change to take place in our nation, we can’t just call those people out there to repent. We ourselves need to see the problems we contribute to this mess we live in.

It’s stupid to complain about the woes of this country without recognizing that we probably often follow in the footsteps of those who have caused those woes. Take for example abortion. We as Christian lament that abortion is taking place near and around us. But how did we get to where abortion became on demand?

Easy: Because Christians of the past allowed for on demand divorce. The beginning of the destruction of God’s institutions began when Christians stopped believing in those institutions. When you can get divorced for any reason, why not kill your children for any reason?

When men gave their children to be educated by others, abrogating their responsibility to train up their children, their hearts began to be turned away from their children, and in turn their children’s hearts turned away from them. So why would a man care to be responsible to a wife and children?

And these things weren’t being done by a secular society, but a Christian one.

We have much sin in this country to repent of. Judgement starts in God’s house. We assume individuality over and above God’s institution of marriage and family. Christians began that, so it’s no wonder our society see’s man’s feelings as the great controller of reality. Christians started it.

So there is much to blame for the sins and problems of our society because of previous generations, but one way out of those problems isn’t by compounding them more in disobeying God even further. God commands us to honor our fathers and mothers. So while we can speak of their sins, we must obey God in honoring.

It’s our disobedience that got us here, and continuing in rebellion will not get us out. So we must first sanctify Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives and we must obey him in all things. And that always first starts with repentance and repenting of our individual sins, as well as the sins of those around us. We need to repent and we need to obey God.

It is not enough to mock the culture. That has it’s place. But we must be on our knees lamenting over our sin, our indifference, our cold hearts, our lust, our effeminacy, our pride, our ignorance, and our arrogance. We must lament over the sins of Christians who continue to ignore the word of God, who abuse his word, and who hate obedience to his word.

We are in a situation where Christians all over America need to repent. If not, we will get what’s coming to us.

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