Which Christ do you Proclaim?

In America today, it’s all too easy to meet a Christian on the street, in a magazine, or on TV. They’re nearly everywhere you turn.

And that’s the problem.

Something that once meant something now is as loose as a dog who is fenced in by a fence without wood or nails. Nearly anyone can be a Christian and yet not believe in Jesus Christ. It’s impossible to claim to believe in Jesus and yet deny Him at the same time.

Actually, I take that back. Many Christians do it today. They do the impossible, I must admit. They can do all things through Christ who strengthen’s them, one of those things being denying Christ.

Of course, the denial isn’t out-right. It’s not an in your face, I don’t believe in Jesus denial. It’s more like the husband who never wears his wedding ring, especially at strip-clubs, never see’s his wife or kids, and never takes responsibility for them. Oh, he never denies his marriage. He boasts in his “happy marriage!” He talks about how these other husbands who actually listen to their wives and care for the education of their children “ought not judge the other husbands” because he “knows what husbanding it truly about.”

It’s a denial that boasts of many things, talks about this amazing love for Jesus, but when you exam their lives, there is nothing of the kind. And this tragedy means there are many sheep being led by false teachers and prophets, and new religious groups rise up who speak in some authority and seem to be the opposite of the culture, but are just as dangerous and deadly.

I call myself a Christian, and I will stick with the term because it does mean something. If others want to call themselves Christians it doesn’t bother me, even if they’re false. They’ll at some point be found out and or be snuffed out by God. I’ll keep following Jesus Christ, because he is my only hope for salvation.

Anyone who calls themselves a Christian is proclaiming a Christ. The question is, which Christ are they proclaiming? A Christ who looks like them and their beliefs? Or a Christ of the Bible?

I meet plenty of closet Christians, and one day they’ll come out of the closet, or they’ll be shown for what they really are: pretenders. For now, being a Christian has a wide variety of meanings and as a Christian I just have to deal with it.

Well, I do more than deal with it. It means I get to call these Christians to follow Christ, to which they show their hypocrisy by being labeled some sort of hateful bigot because I side with the God of the Bible.

I’m okay with being called a hateful racist bigot, because I get to respond “I know you are but what am I?” Hopefully we can call people to a higher standard of reasoning than name calling and childish tactics, but something tells me universities today don’t know what reasoning is. If they did, people may actually be taught how to listen, dialogue, and speak without name calling.

And that would be a tragedy.

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