Christians need to do this daily

One of the worst things Christians can do is neglect their calling as Christians. This calling is one that urges us to take action, be ready, be prepared, to suit up, to arm ourselves, renew our mindsĀ and think hard. Being a Christians is a life of action. There is no passivity in the Christian life. If you’re being passive then you probably aren’t being all that God has called his people to be.

What Christ did was not passive

When we think of the one we follow, our Lord Jesus Christ, we often think of one who was acting. When he descended from the heavens to become a man, that was an action. When he lived life on earth he was active. We even get a glimpse of Jesus as a young boy, around thirteen, stepping outside of his family and remaining in the temple to be about his Father’s business.

What’s interesting is God’s actions in saving us are something we passively receive. The blessings of being redeemed, adopted, chosen, and given a new heart are all things God does to us, things in which we did nothing for. The beginning of our Christian lives is one in which God acts upon us, but the rest of the Christian life is working out what God has worked within.

The change God causes within us sets us up on a path of good works. We we’re created in Christ Jesus for good works, as Paul says in Ephesians.

This we must do daily

With all this being said, there is one thing we Christians cannot neglect if we are to be Christians. That thing is putting on the armor of God.

The armor of God is another way of saying the new man, the man born again in Christ. It’s another way of saying putting on Christ. It’s another way of saying being renewed in our minds.

And we do this primarily by immersing ourselves in the Word of God. We must be reading the Bible daily. Not just reading it like a devotional. If we want to mature in Christ we need to grow up from reading the Bible as little grapes to pick up and chew. We must read the Bible as a whole course meal, providing us with the proper nutrition of growing into maturity.

There are some items on our plate we don’t like eating, like vegetables. But, eating those are good and right. In the same way, if we skip over the parts that are hard to understand or that we don’t like reading, we will neglect the blessings of the fullness of God’s word. We will have to rely upon others for our nutrition, which can lead to being blown about by strange doctrines.

As Christians, in order to take up our armor, and to know how to wield the sword of the Spirit, aka the word of God, then we must be reading the Bible daily, and reading through the whole Bible regularly. And over the course of ten years, you’ll know far more of the Bible if you do so, and will be blessed for having done so.

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