You need to waste your life on this

The book Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper was one I thoroughly enjoyed and was convicted by. I read it a few years ago and it fanned the already burning flame that God had kindled. But John Piper had something wrong in the book.

Why You need to waste your life

What’s the meaning or purpose to life? Why are we here? These are questions that John Piper answers in the book. And he argues why the answer to these questions that he gives means that you need to stop wasting your life on other things than the ultimate meaning and ultimate purpose to life.

To summarize John Piper’s answer to the question “what’s the purpose of life,” one I agree with I must add, is that we are made to Glorify God and enjoy him forever. Which isn’t an answer that Piper came up with, it has some history. But we’re going to skip that for now.

Piper famously likes to change the sentence to: Glorify God by enjoying him forever. I could go on about the tremendous things realizing this did for me. However, I’m writing because I want to tell you why you need to waste your life, and what you need to waste your life on.

Piper didn’t get it wrong, but I would like to do the same thing he did, which is take his sentence and change it, or tweak it.

Instead of “Don’t Waste Your Life,” I would like to advocate for “Waste All of Your Life.” It might be merely semantic, but I think we as Christians need to waste more life on Glorifying God by enjoying him. This is something we need to waste our hours, minutes, and time doing.

Instead of playing on some app, we should spend those minutes in the Bible. Instead of watching some tv, we should spend that time praying and reading books that seek to glorify God. Instead of waiting in line and surfing facebook, instagram, twitter and the like, we ought to be memorizing scripture.

All our minutes are going to be wasted on something. And we often waste tons of minutes a day. The question is, how are you wasting them? If you’re just letting your minutes waste themselves then you’re probably letting your money spend itself as well. Which is why you probably don’t know where it all goes at the end of the day.


Waste your life. Waste it all. But waste it all on knowing God and enjoying God. Waste your time in the Bible.

I may be accused of legalism, but that’s okay. I enjoy reading God’s word more than I enjoy Facebook. If that makes me a legalistic, then I’ll gladly carry that title.

You are choosing to spend your minutes how you want to. And sure, that TV show may be a good waste of your time, but I know a better waste of your time.

“God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.” -John Piper

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