This is Ungodly

It may be just me, but there’s something I’ve been noticing in our culture. It’s something that has seeped into Christian culture as well. It binds us and holds us back, preventing us from being and doing as God has told us to be.


It’s there when we say we’re “waiting upon the Lord.” It’s there when we wait until the last minute to do what we need to do. It’s there in our fears or doubts or worries about doing something. It’s there in our decision making, and it’s there in our idol worship.

Lewis once wrote that we are far too easily pleased and would often rather play in the muddy slums than take the invitation to a cruise out to sea. Why is that? Because we’re passive and don’t want to work for joy but rather sit where we are.

I’ve thought about how in the past I use to idolize marriage. I use to think it was because I though about marriage too much. Now I realize why I thought about marriage too much: because I didn’t take any steps towards it. I turned marriage into an idol and prayed for marriage so much, being stuck seeking whether “God wanted” me to be married or not. What I should have done was take steps towards marriage. I would have not thought about it as much because I was moving towards it. And what I mean by moving towards is preparing myself for it. Which may have meant asking people for their thoughts if I am ready or not. Asking people what I may need to work on. Saving up for a home and to have children.

Instead, it was far easier for me to be passive, waiting “upon God” to “do something” to “show me” what “He wanted.” This was really just laziness. God usually doesn’t tell people if they’re going to be married or not, and really He desires us to take action. For women that may mean preparing yourself and saving up as well. For men, it may mean actually manning up while looking for her.

Anyways, this post isn’t about marriage. This post is about our passivity. We don’t want to move because it’s far easier to sit where we are. However, if God has given us the Holy Spirit, and He commands us to move, then we must move. There is no time for passivity in the Christian life. We don’t wait for circumstances to change. Surely we make sure that we are living according to God’s word, and if we are, then we ought not fear moving forward.

As I read the Bible, I don’t see really any character who is passive. Most of the Godly men and women take action and are called to action. Submission itself isn’t an act of passivity either. I think of one of David’s wives, Abigail, who submitted fully to her husband, and yet took such action as to spare her husband who still ended up dying.

Jesus himself, though submitting himself to the cross, was not passive. This was what he came to do. Thus, it was a life of action that brought him to that point.

There are areas in your life that you are suppose to have dominion over. Why are you being passive? God wants us to handle our finances well, why then are you letting your money fly wherever it wishes? You are suppose to handle your family well, why then are you letting your children be disobedient to you and the Lord?

As Christians, we are called to live according to God’s word. Why then are we letting America be taken over by the wicked? Why are we being silent?

Because we are passive. We would rather wait for “God” to do something, rather than realize that God has always used instruments to bring about change in the world. Are you willing to be an instrument? Or are you going to be passive, burying your talent in the sand?

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