This simple statement could change your career forever

We all have to make choices in how we’re going provide for our families. We have to decide what role we play as a part of a family. We have to decide how we will function and what we will do in our community and society to make a living. But deciding what you should do can be difficult. Some of us want out of our jobs. Some of us want to make more money. Some of us want to do something else but won’t try to because we probably can’t make a living doing that.

As a husband and father I have had major shifts in my thinking. When I was younger I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life. It was such a big question looming over me. What is the one thing I’m going to contribute to society and the world? What is it I am going to decide to do with the rest of my life?

As I look back I realize how naive these questions were. I was assuming that I would stick to that one thing throughout my life. I was also entirely focused on myself and what I could do instead of on one simple thing that has changed me.

It’s obvious

When we focus on ourselves we end up loosing what we’re looking for. The people who try and “find themselves” end up usually more confused and ambiguous about who they really are. Some people think they become these amazing philosophers, and when you read what they write, they not only make absolutely no sense but it also doesn’t reflect the real world or any sort of basic thinking.

Jesus said that if you try to keep your life then you will lose it, but if lose your life for His sake then you’ll find life. Now this is a simple statement that Christians overlook. Jesus is saying that the more you try to gain and make something of yourself in this life then you will lose your life and yourself. If, however, you live for Him, then you will not only have life, but also yourself.

But that isn’t the simple statement I’m talking about. There are profound implications of what Jesus commands Christians to do there, but I am talking about careers so let’s focus in there while keeping in mind that principle.

The Simple Statement

When it comes to careers and picking that “one thing” you’re going to do with your life then you need to keep this one simple thing in mind that will change what you do for a career or what you do in your career.

Here it is: Make life easier for others.

If you want to know what will help you know what you ought to do “with your life,” when it comes to choosing a career, it’s that. It’s making life easier for others. This is what all good business and business practices are about. Making life easier for others. Whether you’re selling goods or services.

Often when people think about what career they want to do, they usually pick something they like, entirely focused on what they want and what they desire. They sometimes think of job security, or what makes the most money, or what could get them the things they want. And you want to know why most Americans aren’t satisfied with their jobs?

Instead of looking at what you like, analyze what people have said you’re good at, and combine those things together with: “What is it that other people need that I can help them with?”

It’s not prideful to think you can help someone with something. It’s called knowing yourself and knowing others. Farmers aren’t prideful. We often think of them as down to earth and humble people. Yet they provide and help tons of people with one major problem: we need to eat.

Sum it all up

So if you want to figure out what you should “do with your life,” and don’t know what it is you should do, and you don’t want to be miserable, then there’s two thing you need to do: You need to give your life up to Jesus Christ and seek to know Him, and you then need to think about what things you can do that will benefit others.

If you aim to produce goods or create services that make the lives of others easier, or aim to work for a company that produces good or creates services that make the lives of others easier, then the possibilities are endless of what you can do, and also you’re never stuck on one career path. Because helping others no longer becomes about just what you can do, but how can you keep making others lives easier. So you may invent an app, and then create a service, and then start a business, and then freelance, and then move onto others things because you see a new need. You see a new way you can make the lives of others easier.

So don’t focus on a career but focus on a type of living. One that seeks to honor God in all things, because He knows what’s best for people, and one that works to make the lives of others easier.

Anybody can implement this. You can remove my religious talk and just listen to the practical things I wrote, but know that Jesus didn’t say lose your life for the sake of others but the sake of him. So you may be able to seek to make the lives of others easier, and many haters of God do, but you still haven’t truly found life.

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