Pomegranate Juice

My wife kinda dared me to write about pomegranate juice. Well, okay, it wasn’t a dare. It was more like, “here’s something that you can’t write about because it’s so random and silly.” So I accepted her challenge and raised her orange juice.

The most interesting thing is we have a pomegranate tree. I don’t know if you’ve ever opened up a pomegranate fruit, but pomegranate fruit is the weirdest kind of fruit. It looks like little pomegranate purple alien pods lodged into the sides of a yellowish-white mountain climbing on-top of one another. You soon quickly realize, looking at this fruit, that it would take hundreds of these fruits to make a few cups of pomegranate juice.

Perhaps hundreds of our pomegranate fruit. However, the extraction process of these little pods of fruit must be difficult. And difficult is a good thing. I don’t know why we shrink back from difficulty. Why do we want easy lives? Why do we want things easier?

Have you ever wondered why God would make a world that He knew that would fall and have to be redeemed, and freely made the world that way so that He could do all the work that He determined to do?

If we want to be more like God, perhaps we should be taking on a few more difficult things than we do. I certainly enjoy a good glass of pomegranate juice, and I’m glad that someone went through the trouble to do that for me.

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