Make it Clear

The most effective way to get things done is to know what you need to get done. The most effective way to do well is to know what it is you want to do well. The most effective way to change is to know what you want to change into. The best way to learn to do anything is to learn from the best.

The most effective, best, and sure fire way to be somebody in this world, is to know the God of this world and play your role in it, regardless of what that role is. God is the one we all ought to seek to obey and listen to. In the end He will judge us. Regardless of our social status in this life, God judges justly. His decrees are righteous, and His ways are pure.

For the Christian, this means that how accomplished we are in this life may mean next to nothing for God. Meaning: You can be rich, and have done little for God. You can poor, and have done much for God. You can be rich, and have done much for God. You can be poor, and have done little for God. Your economic situation does not define you, nor does it tell God how great you are.

We must remember that God made everything for Himself. Even if many people don’t like what God has wrought, God is the only wise. He is pleased and He needs no one’s approval. And He owns it all, and He gives it all to His children.

Christian, remember that even if you are spending countless hours with children, and are struggling to see the meaning, that God judges not on how many people you touch but how faithful you are in the role He has called you. Remember that God isn’t judging you for not having your own home, or for wanting your own home. What God is doing is beckoning you to remember His words, His precepts, His commandments, and His righteous wisdom.

Read His word. Know what He says about His children, what He says about you, and continuously seek to know how God acts so that you can imitate Him. Make these things clear in your mind. If you want to be more like Christ, you need to know what Christ is like. If you want to aim to do what God desires, then look in Ephesians at how God defines you.

We need to know what God says of us, of what we are, and we need to live according to what He defines us as.

Know this definition. Have a clear vision. Have clear insight. Pray that God will help you.

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