Why Religion isn’t just

Most people believe something that simply isn’t true. It’s a modern thing, springing from the soils of philosophical movements from a few hundred years ago. It permeates everything around us. Sadly, many Christians believe this dangerous idea.

That belief is this: Religion is only a personal and private matter.

Philosophy from which it grows

The philosophy that this thought stems from is the enlightenment. During the enlightenment, spanning from 1600’s-1800’s, was a move away from corporate, into the personal. It’s focus was proving all things through reasoning, the mind being the center of the philosophical reasoning.

There is much good to learn from this movement. But there is also much that we should wipe off from our shoes after trekking the waters of the enlightenment. Wipe off that belief that man is the judge of all things.

No such thing as neutral ground

As Christians, we must always ask ourselves, What does God say about religion being personal and private? A quick glance through the Bible will show you one thing: Your beliefs have consequences and faith in Christ means bowing to Him in all spheres of life. Which means you must bow to Christ and obey Him in your interactions with non-believers, the way you vote, why you vote, how you conduct yourself, how you handle money, how you speak, what you do for work, etc.

What faith in Jesus Christ does is cause you to live a completely different life. Your faith cannot be kept to yourself because your life must change in every possible way. The Father does not give the Holy Spirit only for Him to be ineffective in accomplishing His work. Meaning, when God changes someone, that person is changed and can never go back.

Abraham, when He heard God tell him to go, Abraham went. That affected every relationship he had. When Moses was told to go, Moses’ became a leader to many, and was ridiculed for trying to save the Israelite’s from Egypt.

The fact is that we all know beliefs are not an intellectual exercise. This is why in America people are up in arms against Christians. They know that Christians who believe the Bible must follow the Bible.

As Christians, our interactions with everyone will change. If our interactions are suppose to change, then our religion has ceased being “personal and private.”

If someone tells you that religion ought to be “private and personal,” they are saying this:  we don’t want your religious beliefs to be imposed upon us, but we are okay with our religious beliefs being imposed upon you. Someone saying this to you are in effect saying that they want you to believe something that they believe. Who’s religious beliefs are personal and private now? Definitely not theirs because they’re telling you to shut up and listen to their beliefs and obey their beliefs, and to keep yours to yourself. To which I usually respond, “hey man, that’s just your belief, so stop imposing your belief upon me.”

If they’re imposing their beliefs upon you then it should be fairly obvious: they don’t actually believe that religion is only a personal and private matter.


So, my Christian brethren, rise up. Don’t be afraid from speaking the truth. Don’t fear the schemes of the enemy. Don’t let the world impose their beliefs upon you. Don’t fall into the snare and trap of the devil. They want you to be quiet and hush up because they fear your beliefs.

And the world ought to fear the God who will one day judge them.

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