Trying to Word it

Imagine a boy alone on a boat out at sea. The wind is pushing hard and driving him too and fro. The waves are pushing him around as well, and he only has a little control of the direction with his oars. The boy knows the direction he has to head, but he doesn’t know how to get there with all the beating and all the blowing.
Now the boy could just not do anything because he doesn’t want to make a mistake in putting his oar down in the wrong place at the wrong time. He could let the wind and water take him wherever, even though he ought to head in a certain direction. That’s one option.
Another option is the boy could only wait until he felt it right to place his oar in this spot or that spot.
Another option is the boy could make every effort he can to steer the boat in the right direction, careful not to tip over, and at least do what he can as everything pushes him around.
I realize more that when I know God’s love, I want to do more, try more, and not afraid to fail more because God is with me. Unless something is blatant sin I have no fear, because I know God will direct me.
This world is too sinful to try and figure out if this or that is God’s perfect will. I am too messed up to believe that I have to clean myself up and my situation before I move forward with what God has declared good and right.
We’re too fallen to make any decision on our own, but as Christians we are also too redeemed to believe that we ever make any decision without God using it for our good.

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