This is a true story. Names are not included, and I took a little bit of literary liberty. I wouldn’t remember them anyways because it wasn’t a story I was involved in but someone I know. I write it mostly because I liked the witty response of the pastor. There’s truth to what he responds with.

A pastor had recently moved into a new neighborhood closer to the church he worked at. He enjoyed his coffee and over the course of a week found the coffee shop he liked. Every morning, before heading to the church he would stop by this coffee shop. The man who worked at the counter in the morning would see the pastor, say hi, and prepare the coffee. After a week he just started smiling when the pastor came in and would ask, “The regular?”

Every morning it was the same. Until a few weeks later the man finally asked, “So where do you work?” The pastor was somewhat reluctant because he knew that people always acted a little different around people who were pastors, but not wanting to lie, replied, “I’m a pastor.”

The man tensed up a little, and then shot out a defense, “I don’t go to church. A long time ago I attended but lost interest when I saw how fake everyone was. I don’t like hypocrites.”

The pastor, seeing through such poor defenses, smiled and shot back, “And there’s always room for one more.”

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