Anxiety, Depression

At some point in our lives we all will experience some anxiety and depression. It’s what happens. It’s a part of being human and it happens in our lifetimes. How we respond to our anxieties and depression is what is key. What we do with our anxiety and depression is key.

I often have to tell myself that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with feeling the way you feel. Your feelings and emotions fluctuate. They go up and down, side to side, and twist. They come and they go. Feeling something isn’t sinful and isn’t wrong, but our response in those feelings is wrong.

This needs to be pointed out because I know that some of us view emotions as bad things, or that we shouldn’t feel a certain way. But that is plain false. God never said don’t feel something. In fact, God has a whole book in the Bible dedicated to feelings. It’s called the Psalms. You’ll find anger, depression, joy, fear, anxiety, and longing there.

And the Psalms demonstrate something: our feelings ought to cause us to prostrate ourselves before God and seek Him.

So I want to tell you that if you are depressed, or are constantly depressed, then know that the way you feel is exactly what God wants to use to get you to throw yourself before Him and seek Him. If you are feeling anxiety, then you are in need to throwing yourself before God and seeking Him. There is only one being that can aide us, and that is God. And He uses our feelings to call to us, to get us to fall before Him and recognize how helpless we truly are.

I believe some of our emotions are what God uses to get us to realize we aren’t in control of everything. We don’t have it all together and that we are all in need of God to save us from ourselves. We need renewal in our minds. We need renewal in our spirits. It is in our emotional states that we need to recognize that this is exactly where God wants us to be because He desires what is best for you, and sometimes you won’t recognize that until you are in a situation where you realize you have no control, or that you can’t control the outcomes, or that you don’t know what may happen.

Our God is powerful enough to handle your emotions. You don’t need to feel better to fall before God. Instead, you need to go to the Good Counselor, the Good shepherd, and seek Him shepherding and guiding hand; listen to his voice of counsel, and place yourself in a position of humble recognition that He is God and you are not.

So for my anxious and depressed brothers and sisters in Christ. For the family who is being built into a dwelling place of God, don’t think you know how you ought to feel or should feel. Instead, seek God and ask Him how you ought to feel, and ask Him what you ought to do. Seek His face and pray for His wisdom, and don’t pray for something to be removed, but for God to reveal to you what it is He requires of you.

Because God isn’t going to remove something when He is using it for your good.

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