Why I Write

I began writing this blog in 2013. I was blogging before then, I think five years on blogspot. So I’ve probably been blogging since 2007-2010. I don’t remember why I blogged back in 2007, I think it was because I thought I was such a great writer. But, what I do remember is my goal back in 2013 was to write to grow in my understanding; to work through my own thoughts, and to hopefully get some feedback to help me in my understanding as well as in my writing. That goal hasn’t changed much.

What has changed about this blog is now I’m aiming to write everyday. The reason for that change is manifold: God changing my attitude about work, God changing my heart about not needing to be perfect in my writing, and realizing no one is really reading anyways so I can just see this as practice.

Well, that’s changed slightly. Over the past year or so I’ve gained a few more followers and some pretty consistent readers. Maybe a dozen, but that’s where I want it to stay for a while. Why? Because I’m not writing to gain a following, I really am writing to learn. I do write as though I am writing to others, but now it seems I am actually writing to people who are actually reading. Yet, my thoughts haven’t changed. I am writing to learn, and I hope in my learning you the reader can glean something as well.

Okay, now that I stated part of the reasons for writing in this medium (blog), let me add a few things that may benefit someone who may: have their own blog, want to write, or feels like they have nothing to say.

There is a writer I enjoy a lot, who blogs everyday. His name is Douglas Wilson. He is a prolific writer and lots of fun to read. There was something he said about the reason why he writes that is quite profound and simple. He said that he writes for the same reasons that a dog barks.

There is something there I think that people who want to write but don’t write are missing: the people who want to write but don’t are the people who are more worried about how their bark sounds rather than just barking. Meaning this: when Doug says he writes for the same reason dogs bark, he is in a sense saying that he writes what he wants to write about, and he writes about that stuff because he wants to call attention to whatever he’s barking at for whoever may listen.

This is where I think many wannabe writers, bloggers, or even Christians who don’t think they have something worth saying fall short in their thinking. They are worried about “saying the right thing” or “doing it perfectly” or “being like these amazing writers.” My question for you, if you are among that category, is this: Does a dog care what his bark sounds like?

I don’t write because I want to sound smart or be seen as an amazing writer. In fact, I really suck. My grammar needs work. My sentence structure could use tuning. I don’t have a large vocabulary. And my writing could use more imagery. However, these aren’t the reasons I write. I don’t write to sound smart, or to show off my grammar, or my sentence structure, or my vocabulary (not much to show off anyways). I don’t write because I think I’m amazing at writing. I write because I need to write. I write because I have to bark at those dang trees that I hate. I write because a burglar is trying to break into the homes of¬†Christians. I write because I want to write. I write because I have to say something, even if it’s just my thoughts; even if that burglar was all in my head.

I write because I want to follow Ephesians 4:29, as in, writing to build up those who may hear, and be used by God to give grace to those who may read. Doug writes for the same reason a dog barks. I write for the same reason a dog chases it’s tail. It’s fun, and for those watching, it may be funny, or weird, or awkward, but it makes us forget for a little bit about ourselves.

And Christians need all the help they can to forget about themselves and look more to Christ and to love His bride.


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