Personal Attitude Check

We need to hold ourselves to the highest standard of checking our attitudes and regulating them.

I was listening to a Podcast by Rebekah and Rachel (forgot their last names) called What Have You. There was a sentence in there that I really liked. They said that fellowship at their Sabbath dinner doesn’t happen because all of the family stops being annoying. Fellowship happens because we overlook those annoying things.

This is what I love about learning. The more I learn the more I see that I am blind to the obvious stuff. It is rather obvious that we overlook the annoying things, and it is rather obvious that we get annoyed by people not because they stop being annoying but because we stop overlooking those annoyances. I wish I could say that I don’t do this anymore, but I remember when there was a particular person who annoyed me. They didn’t just annoy me by trying to annoy me. They didn’t even talk to me much, and yet everything about them annoyed me.

As Christians, we must remember something vital to living this life: Christ died while you were a sinner. If anyone had a right to destroy us, judge us, condemn us, or find us annoying, it was Jesus Christ. Yet, Jesus Christ died for us, became our righteousness, and reconciled us to the Father.

Fellowship with God doesn’t happen when He judges you. Fellowship with God happens when He declares you to be His child and invites you into His presence no matter how dirty or messed up you are. Which means fellowship with people doesn’t happen when we judge them and criticize everything about them. Fellowship happens when we overlook the faults and failures and choose to love.

However, choosing to love also means pointing out those sins or faults that may need to change. But we do it in love, not out of envy or anger or frustration or because we’re annoyed. We do it prayerfully, carefully, and in truth. We need to check our attitudes, regulate them, and ask God to help us to have the mind of Christ.

I’m probably far more annoying than most people around me.

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