Of Giving

So I wrote a post about prayer. I began with the verse in Acts where Paul quotes Jesus saying, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This verse highlighted something that has been changing in my thinking: knowing how much God is a giver.

God is the ultimate provider and he demonstrates he needs no one to fulfill the needs of his creation. However, God also provides not by miraculous ways but also unmiraculous ways. He will provide people with jobs to work hard to give away. Which gives more glory to God: 1) A man who gives away what he earns or 2) God providing miraculously for those in need?

What’s the answer? Both. Neither glorifies him more or less. Which is why we ought not to pretend to be God and believe that we shouldn’t give because someone needs to learn to depend more upon God. Why? Because we can clearly articulate to them how our giving to them is by God, and that they need to trust God and not men (and circumstances don’t change the hearts of men, thing of Pharaoh and Moses). Neither should we think that trusting God means not working hard for money. Truly, trusting God means knowing God provides, either miraculously or unmiraculously, and seeking to give rather than receive.

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