Why I am a Calvinist

Sometimes I forget how much many evangelical Christians actually hate Calvinism. I’ve encountered people who just can’t believe God is in control of everything. They believe that God can fail in saving His people. They believe that truly man has to work within himself something in order to “choose God.”

So here is a quick peek into why I am a Calvinist:

  1. The preaching of Paul Washer made me realize that I was a wretched sinner, and that being a wretched sinner is a bad thing.
  2. Paul Washer turning me onto John Piper.
  3. John Piper teaching me how to read the Bible.
  4. Reading the Bible.

There are a thousand directions anyone can take in answering the question, “why are you a Calvinist?” I choose to take the direction of showing how I came to identify closely to Calvinism, which is a series of events which God had complete control over.

I also want to point out how I came to call myself a Calvinist because I want all my cards on the table. I won’t pull any punches. Here I am, fully displayed. Paul Washer is  a Calvinist. John Piper is a Calvinist. Naturally, I would become one, right?

Correct. There’s nothing wrong with following the trail. Where we can go wrong is believing that in knowing the path someone took is the same as where they end. Some people grew up Christians and are now apostate. Some people were haters of God and now love God. Ultimately God is in control and He changes the heart. It is not a result of works so that no one may boast.

So here it all is. I’ve listened to Calvinists, but that wasn’t the deciding factor. The deciding factor became the word of God. Both of these men kept pointing me back to scripture, telling me not to take their words for it. They kept pointing back to the word of God, demonstrating a love and care for handling it, and they didn’t tell me to become a Calvinist. They demonstrated what God said in His word. And at some point someone has to bow to everything God has said or call God a liar.

When I realized that a leper can’t change his spots, I also realized that I didn’t choose where I was born, who my family was, what decade and time I was going to be born, and why I was born in America and not in, say, Germany in 1930. I had no choice. I wasn’t the ultimate decision maker. God didn’t consult me.

And I will not question God and His wisdom.

That is why I’m a Calvinist. Besides, it’s so much fun. I can rest on God, unafraid of what may happen, knowing the love of God, which casts out all fear, and I get to enjoy life because I am not the deciding factor in to what happens in life. So I can pick and choose and move and do things knowing God truly loves me, and out of that love I love Him, and will not do anything contrary to His revealed will.

Calvinism is loads of fun because knowing God is a game changer. It’s like playing a game of chess you can never lose, even if you lose.

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