Little Passion for God

As I was reading the Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin, the chapter on prayer, I was humbled by Calvin’s depth of insight into the character of God. I was troubled by his vast knowledge into the word of God because of my lack of. And I was stirred and wanted to cry because of his passion and love for God. The richness of his language, his use of his words, his careful articulation and inflaming passion that his writing stirred in me. There have been very few authors who excite in me such a passion to know God, and Calvin has surpassed them all.

The authors I typically read are trying to stir up your emotions and stir up a desire to know God more. They use certain language to move the reader towards seeking to know God more. But Calvin does not try to stir up to wanting to know God. He simply and accurately articulates what he is writing about, and in doing so you get a sense of his passion and it stirs you up.

Like Tozer, when he said that what comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us. Someone else once wrote that there has never been a time where someone knew God too deeply. It might have been John Piper, I’m not too sure, however, such language stirs you. It excites in you a longing without telling you that you need to long for God more.

To use language to articulate the depths of God’s word and demonstrate the greatness of God, and in so doing bubble up the wellspring of emotion in people to desire to know God more, is a direction I want to head towards. I am not there, and I am still finding my writing “voice,” if it exists. And I don’t think I’ll even surpass those whom I have read. I don’t know how I can. I truly am in a time where I stand on the shoulders of immovable mountain giants.

If we had half the passion these men did. If only we loved God as much as He deserved our love. Perhaps then blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and all social media would be less flooded by nonsense, and instead there would be deep thinking and passion for God. Such passion would ignite correct thinking about politics, and arts, and law, and countries, and how we ought to function in the world.

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