How to do more

Productivity is something we strive for here in America. We want things to be productive, progressing forward, and efficient. There is no shortage of books, blogs, articles and studies about being productive and what helps productivity.

As a Christian, though I don’t think productivity is necessarily a key component of the Gospel, however, I believe productivity is something that comes out of the Gospel. Meaning this: The Gospel transforms people and the fruit of that transformation is production. The Gospel produces something in people that causes them to do more, to produce more.

Christians are often discontent and itching for new and bigger and better. I want to speak into that and say that newer, bigger, and better isn’t bad, but that we must be productive in a Gospel centered way.

What do I mean?

Imagine this with me: The King of a far away land brings news to you that you are apart of his line. He has no children and wants to adopt you. He has billions of dollars, rules a country, and needs assistance. He doesn’t know you, but knowing that you are part of his family he wants you to come help him. Any training you need he will provide. Any tools you need or help you need he will provide. He adopts you, and brings you to his country, and begins to teach you to rule.

That is what I mean. We don’t become an heir to the throne by trying to become an heir of a King. We become a child of a King when a King adopts us.

We don’t get more productive by striving to be more productive. We become productive when we know the position we are in.

As Christians, the position we are in are heirs of a kingdom. We are adopted children of the ruler, owner, and creator of the universe. One day we will even judge angels, as Paul says.

This is a part of the Gospel. When God adopts you, when He chooses you to be His heir, it changes you. You no longer have to strive to become something, you are something. God has decreed from before the foundations of the Earth that you are His and He will have you. He will make you Holy and Blameless. He has works for you to do. He will give you His Spirit. As Christians, we work from a place of who we are, not from a place of who we want to become. And God has declared you are His child.

So, we don’t need to try to do more as though we can lose our child status. We don’t need to work harder because God will love us less if we don’t. Instead, we must, as Christians, remember what God has done, always, always, always. The reason for this is because we function as Christians based on what God has done, not based upon what we ought to do or what we have done.

Instead, with the fact that God has bought us and given us Himself, and has placed within us His Spirit, and that He is doing the work of making us into His Holy Temple, and that He will guide us and is in control of all things, we no longer need to live life in fear of messing up. We don’t need to live in fear. For God’s perfect love casts out fear.

The Gospel is the most central thing to all production. If you aren’t getting enough done, turn your heart back to God. Don’t idolize your work, but rest in the work of God. If you need to accomplish more, then do the most impractical thing of meditating upon the Gospel and seeking the creator of the universes help through prayer.

We produce more when we are encouraged, and what can be more encouraging than the fact that as a Christian you are in Christ? As a Christian who aspires to write, I do not write from a place of just needing to write. I write because I believe this is what God has called me to do, and I believe what God says about me. So, I write, fully encouraged by God, knowing He will correct me because He loves me, knowing that I can trust Him to guide me, knowing that I don’t need to fear messing up or failing because my identity isn’t in my work or my writing, but in Christ.

Know who God is. Know what God has done. When you do, you can’t help but be more productive.

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