A few years ago

This was something I wrote a few years ago. I quite liked reading it. Perhaps you may as well.

The sun was beaming down waves of heat that lashed themselves against my skin, baking me. Sweat and heat usually make me want to flee under shade, and often bring up images of boys digging holes in deserts. But I was happy.

A group of students from my church were out on my property for the last day of Love Week. They finished some of my projects in five hours which would have taken me thirty or more. One of those projects was planting twenty or so papayas and avocados. Two days later, I was pouring out life giving water onto these living greens that were soaking water down to their roots. A refreshing drink compared to the desert they lived under before.

Even though the sun whipped me, I was enjoying myself.

To cultivate is more delightful than consuming. I could have been “relaxing” by watching TV, surfing Facebook or reading articles online. I could have played some games like CandyCrush, Angry Birds or MineCraft. I could have been reading a book or sleeping. I was sweating instead, doing a simple task, under a sun that spares no one.

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