What must matter

What matters most?

The first commandment given in the Decalogue (the ten commandments) is to “have no other God’s before me.”

My question is simple: Does God have any other God’s before Himself? Does God set any other god, or being, before Himself?

I have seen non-believers try to get Christians in some sort of Biblical bind when they point out how “evil” God is. God orders the slaughter of an entire nation, and the unbeliever will try to make the Bible “contradict” when they point out that God broke His own command of not murdering. To which, any Christian ought to reply, “Just punishment is just.” To kill because of the injustice, rebellion, and treason against God is not murder: it’s called justice. God isn’t contradicting his own law.

To believe God is somehow in contradiction with his own law is ignorance. To believe that God is evil for killing wicked people, but then to turn around and believe certain people ought to receive just punishment for being murderers, what do you call that?

God is not hypocritical. His will and His law coincide. Look at the first commandment. His justice flows from the fact that God does not have any beings before Himself. He does not place His creation above Himself. His creation is His and He can do as He pleases.

Christian, don’t forget this fact. Don’t forget that God doesn’t worship idols. God doesn’t bow down to anyone but Himself. God glorifies, praises, exults and honors Himself. God won’t disobey His own first commandment. He won’t put anything else before himself. And if God did so, he would cease to be God because His will would go contrary to His nature.

Thus, what matters most is God. And what matters most to God is Himself, not humanity.

Humanity, in loving itself above God, and then pretending that God loving Himself is somehow selfish, is foolish. We are not imitating God by loving ourselves. We imitate God by the way He loves Himself the most.

Which is why it’s amazing that God sent His Son to die for the sins of His elect people.

That is more staggering to me than Him justly killing wicked people. How can a good and just God justify wicked men? We all deserve to be slaughtered like the nations in the Bible. We all deserve just punishment for our rebellion and hatred of God. When you fully understand it, God cannot be both just and the justifier of the wicked.

However, He dies for us because He is good and just. He takes away the wrath we deserve by pouring it out upon Himself. We receive the benefits and He gets all the glory. Which means the death of God and the resurrection of God glorifies God totally and completely. And in glorifying Himself God is able to benefit those whom He wants. The end of God’s story is His glory, and the means to that is humanity. Yes, we are a God’s, we belong to Him, and He can do as He pleases.

This is the God I worship. I worship a God in control of all things who loves Himself above all things and does not worship or idolize or hold anything above Himself. And I benefit from His love for Himself because that love brought about my life.

If there was something greater than God that He put before Himself, then truly that thing we ought to worship. But there’s not, and God puts nothing above Himself. He is to be worshiped and loved and adored by all. Be awakened by God’s love for Himself. Be wrecked by God’s love for Himself. Be transformed by God’s glorifying Himself. Enjoy God’s love for those to whom Christ died.

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