Admitting your failures

My wife pointed out that my blog on writing was poorly edited.

We all need to be ready to admit when we’ve failed. And that post failed. But I did admit that I battle laziness in that post, and it is pure laziness to skip editing. I wanted to have written. I wanted it to be out in the blogosphere. I wanted to disregard the quality of my work.

For this all I can ask is forgiveness and admit that I was a hypocrite.

They say admission is good for the soul. I don’t know who ‘they’ are or why they know so much about the soul but they certainly haven’t read the Bible.

We have to do more than admit. We also have to repent and turn from them.

So, I guess I’ll start editing moore. Oops. No, delete that. Backspace, backspace. Type more. I meant more. Blah. Forget it. It’ll just stay there until I decide not to be lazy and move my mouse and fingers to highlight and edit the word.

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Husband. Father of one. Writer of fiction. Massage Therapist. Video Game, Comic Book, Fiction, and Non-Fiction enjoy'r. Reader of Theology. You may find him reading the Bible. View all posts by TruthN

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