On The Trucking Industry

Yea, my blog is becoming a little bit sporadic. Talking about a range of topics that I don’t usually talk about. However, for those interested, I figured I write some things up.

My parents have been in the trucking industry for about three years now. My stepdad is a truck driver and my mom is the owner. They make up the owner/operator crew. And currently they have ventured out into starting another business truck related: brokering.

A truck broker is one who hunts for trucks to move the loads of the shippers. Truck brokers establish connections between loads and those wanting to be loaded. Their compensations is a percentage of the loads cost. Much like a real estate agent except for loads and trucks.

I never knew how essential trucks are to the American economy until I started aiding my parents in their brokering endeavor. It’s not exaggerations to say that more than likely 90% of the things you see around you were at some point being carried by a truck.

Also, the trucking industry is expected to grow, while it is also expected to grow at a slower rate than demands will grow. As far as I can tell, now is a great time to get into this industry. However, like anything else, we need to count the cost of becoming involved in such an industry. We also need to figure out what type of job we best serve in this industry.

Truck driving has great potential to make a pretty decent living. It also has the potential to run your funds dry.

But there is no denying, as I read and study this more, that the truck industry is vital to American economics. It’s an industry that will never go away because things will always need to be moved from point A to point B.

God bless all those truckers who have made much of our way of life possible.

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