On the Love of God

I’ve been discussing with some friends about what it means to be a man. The conversation led us into talking about God and what it means to love God. The reason for this is because a man who is going to walk with God in the end times, is the definition of a true man. True men will not be in hell. So in order to be the men that God has designed and intended for us to be we need know what He intended us to be. And I believe that can be clearly seen by this statement: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

This is where we derive our definition of what it means to be a man. A man is someone who loves God with his entire being. A man will not stop until all of who he is and what he does is submitted to the will and command of God. This is what a true man, and true woman, does. They seek to obey and submit themselves to God because of a controlling love for God.

But that love for God does not come from themselves. As it is said somewhere in the New Testament, “We love Him because He first loved us.” The only possible reason for us to be able to love God is the fact that He loved us first. It is impossible otherwise to love God.

This demonstrates a few fundamental things in the Christian life: 1) God must reveal His love to a person in order for them to know His love. 2) God must change a person to be able to see and feel and know His love for them. 3) That love God reveals to us, and that love that God uses to change us, gives birth to a love for Him. In other words, the fruit of God’s love for us is our love for Him. 4) This all means that man cannot love God apart from God revealing Himself, changing a person, opening their eyes and hearts, revealing their condition and revealing His goodness in what He has done to remove them from their condition. That condition being children of wrath as Ephesians chapter two says.

I believe it to be in good order for every Christian everywhere to meditate upon God’s love for them. I believe it to be in good order for every human everywhere to meditate upon God’s love for His people. We must all desire to know God, love God, and worship Him. But that only comes because God has done something. Without God’s action, we would certainly remain lost and the earth would be far different than it is now if God left it up to man to pull themselves up by their bootstraps to raise themselves to Him.

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