On Working Hard

There is a question I have asked myself over the past number of months. And that is this: Where does God command that a man turns off His brain? Where does God command a man to rest when he wants to and spend time doing the things he loves?

I ask these questions because I believe most of us when we want to “unwind” we often go to entertainment. We put our brains on auto-pilot, and just “vege.” But is this Biblical?

I want to confess that this is not. I don’t see anywhere in Scripture where we are given the okay to let our minds wander. Instead, we see that we are told to train up our minds, renew them, seek wisdom, love God with our minds, meditate on His word, and to take every thought captive.

This is work. And this type of work leaks to much joy.

The second question is a little more difficult for us to answer. Simply because the answer varies and there is no clear cut answer to what is sin and what is not when it comes to rest. The only clear cut thing is anything directly against God’s command, like murder, rape, lust, adultery, etc. But none of that is restful and ought not to be restful. I sound like a madman saying all that, but I guess the obvious has to be stated.

But when is playing a videogame, or watching tv, or going on Facebook sinning?

I believe it ultimately comes down to this question: Can you do those things with a clear conscious knowing you are aiming at what God desires you to do?

The Holy Spirit dwells in Christians, and He puts God’s law upon our hearts. So, if the Holy Spirit convicts you, then no. You aren’t playing with a clear conscious knowing all God has commanded you.

But what if you can play with a clear conscious? Then great. Glory be given to God.

I myself have found that I delight far more in God, and in labor, than before because I am focusing far more upon what God desires as he lays out in His Holy Scripture. And as I posted before, I want to be as generous because Christ is generous.

I want to give my life away, for Christ’s sake. And the joy, peace, and rest is far more than before when I played more videogames.

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