On Riches III

“God answers prayers. And God does amazing things. But God wants His children to conform to His image. And most Christians I see think that means praying more, when really that means working more.”


Last post I ended there. And now I know that I can’t say everything that I’d like to say or need to say to answer every kind of objection to what I said.

There are many men who work hard, labor, and bust their butt’s in providing for their family. Living in America, there is much opportunity, but there is also much more we need to make to live a typical, non-extravagant life-style. And I know men who are working 60 hours a week and have little time of anything else.

Is this right or wrong? I can’t say because every circumstance is different. But I want to talk about the heart of the matter when it comes to men who are making tons of money, or working tons of hours and still can’t make ends meet.

That issue is the same one I raised before: Men are not desiring to be like God enough.

How so? Easy. Where is all that money going? What is their goal for the money they make?

A man who wants to be generous, in order to do so, first figures out what they don’t need, what they can cut on, so that they can give without increasing their income. There is excess stuff that sometimes we don’t even realize we are spending on.

God knows how much of everything he has, and he has a plan for it all, and sometimes he dumps tons of rain and tons of snow, and it all is wasted. But truly it’s not wasted because God’s ways and thoughts aren’t ours. He knows why He spent all that snow in Idaho where they turn it into slush and toss it to the side.

Do you know where your money is? Do you have a plan for where it’s going?

The next thing is we aren’t being faithful with all the resources God has given us. Much of the time we may think just about money, but truly there are far more resources than just that. God has given us fellow Christians. Are you loving and using the resources of Christ’s body? Are you cherishing your wife, and cultivating her skills and using her abilities to their potential? Your relationships, and family connections. Do you know what vast amount of wealth is before you?

The truth is, even the poorest among our congregations in America still have far more wealth than they realize because they don’t want to work, and utilize those resources. We not only waste our money, but we also waste our time, and our relationships.

As Christian we live for the glory of God. Our aim His is his pleasure and His kingdom to grow. And all of that happens only by His power. But God uses means. And His power changes people. And His power causes us to work.

And if God has given us so many resources, that we can’t help but waste much of it, we need to seek God’s strength is using the resources He has given us to the end that we seek to maximize all of it for His glory and His kingdom and His purposes.

So yes, some men and woman work too many hours, and don’t get paid enough. And there are tough situations out there. And I can’t talk about all of them. But it is the vast majority of Christians who are merely trying to get by when they don’t recognize the wealth in front of them that God has given, and instead of thanking God for it, blessing Him for it, and asking Him how can we be faithful with is and use it for His purposes, we think we don’t have enough…

And that was the Rich Young Rulers problem. He thought he didn’t have enough. He didn’t want to give it all away because what he had wasn’t enough. And he didn’t want more treasures in heaven. He didn’t want any in fact. So the Rich Young Ruler is truly a Foolishly Rich and Young Ruler. He walks away, wanting more riches, rejecting Jesus’ offer of true and lasting and far greater riches, and he walks away thinking that he wants to keep what he has.

God has blessed us beyond measure. Christians in America need to stop thinking they don’t have enough. The truth is we have so much that we are lazy, and self seeking, and self serving, and not truly loving God with all of our lives.

And this is why many ministries suffer. Because rich Christians are thinking they’re poor, have nothing to give, and yet want more, desire more, wish they had more, pray to have more, and then continue to watch movies, Netflix, Hulu, and play videogames and scroll on Facebook, spending their time and money on things that are eating away at what they could be doing and using.

Jesus Christ gave it all. Are we willing to give it all to Him? Is He truly our rest?


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