On Riches II


Money is an important invention which makes the trading of goods and services much easier. If we had a strict system of bartering, then many of us may never receive some of the things we need because others may not want the services or good we provide. Money turns goods and services into something that is easier to trade, as well as something that everyone can use to obtain what they desire even if they don’t do or have what others may want. Money is an equalizer.

Money is also power. Money merely represents wealth. The more wealth one has the more land, goods, services, etc they can have or even provide others.

This is why God is the wealthiest of all. He owns everything. Nothing isn’t his. And even if Satan owns it for now, it’ll be given over to Him in the end. His power is endless, which means he can generate as much wealth as he so desires.

It’s utter senseless, stupid, and downright blasphemous to not want to serve and love this God. Not merely because He gives all we need, and more. But because He does so because He desires to, and He loves being generous. All should not only desire to be his “friend” but see Him as the king over all, and the king who cannot be stopped nor beaten. Either you bow and worship him now or you will in the future, but under his wrath and not his goodness.

Now I say all this because I want other Christians to realize that, if God is wealthy, there is nothing wrong with us being wealthy. However, if we desire wealth because of wealth, and not because we want to be more generous, then truly we worship another god.

This is why I believe Christians today aren’t as potent in America as they could be. They don’t know what wealth is and for. They don’t desire to be generous. And they don’t want to live the sacrificial life God has lived.

I mean, come on. Your telling me Jesus left his riches in heaven, took on the poverty of this world, bore it on his shoulders, all at the cost of himself, and then offers it to His children? Your telling me that God became a part of His creation, in order to save His people, and then in turn offer them all of creation? And your telling me that you want to trust God to provide for you while you live a comfortable life where you are, waiting for God to do something, ignoring the example he set, ignoring Christ toiling in the world and producing the most bountiful harvest that continues to grow, because you believe God is going to just give you something when you haven’t been faithful nor been seeking to be like Christ?

You mean to tell me, that God is okay with you sitting on your butt, praying that he will change your circumstances, and then working against what God is actually trying to do? Which is change you into Christ likeness?

God answers prayers. And God does amazing things. But God wants His children to conform to His image. And most Christians I see think that means praying more, when really that means working more.


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