Stories from a local church

So I don’t go looking for these stories. I truly don’t. They come to me. And this story is connected with the other one because it comes from the same church.

Last year I spoke with a client who told me how his wife had been working at this particular church for a while now, working full time but being paid part-time (unjust right?). Though, of course people who want to work somewhere more hours and is okay with being paid less is their decision.

The husband was telling me that after a while he started getting tired of it. She was away from home all the time when she was suppose to only be away for half the time she was. She wasn’t being paid for being away that whole time. And, she was neglecting her homes, husband, and kids.

So he was tired of it. He had attended the church and was a regular member. So he decided he would talk to the pastor who had told him when she started that if they ever needed anything to come directly to him. Well, he tried to go directly to him and that didn’t work. He was prevented and instead was told that he has to talk with a different pastor. That was a little annoying, and it didn’t seem like a Godly thing to do to dishonor your word, but he complied. So he met with this other pastor to talk about the situation with this other pastor.

Now mind you, this isn’t just a staff member but a pastor of the church. So after telling the pastor what was going on, the pastor tells my client that when God’s people get into ministry Satan tries attacking that family even more and what they needed to do is to pray for his home. So the pastor takes anointing oil, anoints my clients head, and prays. My client tells the pastor he would like to do a few counseling sessions to talk about this and talk it through, but the pastor said there would be no need because they prayed and that they were doing what God had wanted.

If you don’t see anything wrong with that, then you have a very different outlook on ministry, family life, and God’s will than I do.

It angers me and saddens me at the same time. Thank God his wife slowly started realizing it was too much and she quit. Does that mean they know God’s will? Not exactly. But now at least they have removed themselves from spiritual abuse.

And I must make a disclaimer: I am not against organized religion/churches. I believe in organization and order and unity. I go to a church and I want even more structure, not less. I want more unity and more organization.

The issue isn’t churches in general. Churches are made up of people. The issue is sin and incorrect understanding of God’s Word. That needs to change.

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