On Crafting unspontaneously

There is some idea that is floating out in the cosmos of the minds of Westerners today that art must be spontaneous. It must flow ‘from the heart’ in order to be authentic. Drivel. All drivel. Such stupidity floats in the cosmos.

The hearts of man today is full of sin. What comes from their heart is authentic for sure. Authentically stupid. I don’t want to read and see and hear some sop soul pouring out their hearts. Most of that stuff gives little thought to life and what it’s like. Most of that stuff is more reflective of our depraved condition than it is on the beauty of creation.

God has made us co-creators. We have been given the ability to create and craft beauty. And if we imitate God then we are imitating the master beauty creator. But in order to follow the master smithy, the grand creator, the great artist, we must reflect upon how he does it and why he does it. We must reflect on what he has made and done. And that takes work and it doesn’t flow naturally from ourselves.

We want the easy way out. We want for things to just “flow” from us. It would certainly make things easier, but who said life was about making things easier? We labor and toil because all our laboring and toiling shapes us. As we shape the ground we ourselves get shaped. As we craft our prose, our souls gets forged.

So labor diligently in anything you do. Work at it for the Lord and not for men. Imitate Christ, not other men. And learn from other men.

Beauty isn’t spontaneous. Anything that seems spontaneous is often a seed that has been planted in rich soil that took years to lay. The plant springs up almost spontaneously, but the soil didn’t spring up spontaneously. It was laid there. Festering in nutrients until a seed would fall upon it.

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