Natural Selection

Evolution is slowly on it’s way out the door. And as it walks out slowly, the secularists are scrambling to keep it from departing. More and more Science continues to demonstrate that Evolution isn’t a Scientific Theory but instead a Philosophy, and that Philosophy isn’t doing a good job at explaining anything.

Often, what happens when you tell people evolution isn’t real, they’ll say, “But, but, Natural Selection.” Which means what? Often people don’t even know what Natural Selection is, and they describe it as some process that the world is governed by, which cannot be true given the presuppositions of evolution.

Thus, when people try to prove Evolution by Natural Selection, you can just laugh because those aren’t the same thing. Evolution still has not proven how material objects can produce genetic information. Nor has it proven that any mutation adds information/DNA instead of distorting, rearranging, or destroying already existing information.

Natural selection is merely adaptation to environment. But that adaptation means rearranging of DNA or genetic material, the turning of things off and on. Natural selection has never been proven to demonstrate new information/genetic material/DNA being added to the organism. In fact, often it is the destruction of that material.

So, bacteria to man evolution hasn’t been proven to exist at all. But we can demonstrate, through different species, how animals have de-evolved. Because most mutations are destruction to material, and causes a host of problems with the organism.

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