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On Mundane

I don’t know if much of America feels the way I have felt, or has ever felt as I have felt, or if it has to do with my day and age in America, but I have felt that we don’t want to be normal. In fact, normal is not such a good thing.

I remember in High School debating what normal is, and trying to define normal, and laughing with my friends saying that there really was no such thing as normal. What we really did was misunderstand everything, and then laugh at our misunderstanding.

The truth is there is a normal. Normal people don’t make headlines, stories, new articles, or good books. That’s because people don’t want to read about what they live everyday. They don’t want to watch what they do all the time. They want to see something a little more than normal.

But when it comes to being a Christian, we don’t live the lives we watch on TV, read in books, or etc. Why? Because these mediums are trying to entertain and communicate something quickly and effectively. They won’t show you every time someone eats, goes to the bathroom, breathes, checks facebook, etc. They are summarizing and drawing out things. They are able to tell good stories simply because people know what normal is. We enjoy Harry Potter because it’s beyond us. It wouldn’t be the same if we all were wizards reading about the lives of other wizards. It would be, well, not as fun.

Normal not only exists, but Christ defined what a normal Christian is. And as a Christian growing up in America, I allowed entertainment to define what kind of life I wanted. I wanted exciting. I wanted adventurous and extraordinary. I wanted fun. And what I realized more and more, is that life exists between all the “great” moments we remember, or even bad moments we remember. At the age of almost 26, I’ve eaten at least 16,000-25,000 meals, and even more snacks. At the age of almost 26, I’ve slept at least 56,000 hours. Life has happened between most of those memorable moments. I have done many things between all the things I remember. I remember far less than what I do remember.

As a Christian, I must take this all into consideration. More of my life will go unwritten and unnoticed. And it is not only the extraordinary moments I am called to be faithful to Christ, but it is also in the ordinary moments I am called to be faithful.

So the Christian life is more about how I am obeying Christ right now. Sitting on the couch. Laptop on my lap. Writing and typing. Breathing. Meditating. Than about what the next great thing I am going to do for Jesus.

God has really changed my mind the past year as I reflect on these things. I now see that I have wasted more time wanting to do something than actually reflecting if I am doing the best thing right now. I have spent more time waiting for God to “do something” than in reflecting if I am being faithful and doing what God has already given me to do.

I had a strong desire before to be a pastor. It’s still there, but it’s not as strong. I simply want to love the body of Christ and be faithful here and now, doing whatever shows the most faithfulness and is the most building, most edifying, for my family now, my future family, and my family in Christ.

I remember a man once saying that if a person wants to become a pastor because that’s the only thing they can see themselves doing, then they shouldn’t be considered for being a pastor. I didn’t really know what that means until I had a family (not because my wife and son but because God used them to demonstrate my false thinking). And now I understand that. If all a man thinks he will be good at is shepherding, then he really isn’t going to be a good pastor either. And I believe Paul’s qualifications for an elder demonstrate this. He says this:

1 Timothy 3:1-7

The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not a drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own household well, with all dignity keeping his children submissive, for if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God’s church? He must not be a recent convert, or he may become puffed up with conceit and fall into the condemnation of the devil. Moreover, he must be well thought of by outsiders, so that he may not fall into disgrace, into a snare of the devil. (ESV)

Notice how there are tons of things an overseer must be doing right now. And notice how unextraordinary it all is. Love one wife. Teach your kids. Not be drunk. Respectable. Not a new convert. Caring for his family. Managing his household. Sounds like things that everyone should be doing.

Ordinary men make the most extraordinary of people. Why? Not because they’re doing anything radically different, but because the circumstances around them are radically opposed to God. We commend men like Shadrach, Mishach, and Abendigo. They stood up to the ruler and wouldn’t bow. But were they doing anything radical, or trying to be adventerous, and thinking how could they piss off the ruler? No. They knew they can’t bow, and so they didn’t. It took courage, sure, but they were doing what everyone ought to have been doing anyways.

This is why ordinary men seem to be the most extraordinary. Men and woman who merely follow God and obey His word and follow His principles and seek to imitated Christ are often praised by many, as they should. Not because there’s something about them that’s special, but simply because they are the most unspecial people.

To the world or to new believers all the people in the Bible may seem like such amazing people. But truth be told they were like us and there’s nothing too different about them than there is about us. And that’s why we don’t elevate men above the status they ought to be elevated. But we also respect and honor those who lead over us because of their office and the task they do. We ought to be grateful, thankful, and demonstrate it.

What we ought not do is pretend that Christians all must be some amazing evangelists who change the world by preaching the gospel all over the world. If all Christians were doing that, I don’t know which Christians would be paying for all those travel expenses.

So my goal in life has been radically altered. No longer do I pray for God to use me. God is using me all the time. I pray now and ask that God will keep me faithful to Himself, and that I will be diligent in all circumstances to do what needs to be done. Because I’m a Calvinist, and God uses us all the time. And if I want to be used by God for good then praying that I remain faithful to Him and that I know His will in every circumstance will keep me from doing wrong.

I just want to be a normal and ordinary Christian. And I hope more will take up that call, and build businesses, families, and shape the culture around them by the ordinary means God has given all men.

On Working Hard

There is a question I have asked myself over the past number of months. And that is this: Where does God command that a man turns off His brain? Where does God command a man to rest when he wants to and spend time doing the things he loves?

I ask these questions because I believe most of us when we want to “unwind” we often go to entertainment. We put our brains on auto-pilot, and just “vege.” But is this Biblical?

I want to confess that this is not. I don’t see anywhere in Scripture where we are given the okay to let our minds wander. Instead, we see that we are told to train up our minds, renew them, seek wisdom, love God with our minds, meditate on His word, and to take every thought captive.

This is work. And this type of work leaks to much joy.

The second question is a little more difficult for us to answer. Simply because the answer varies and there is no clear cut answer to what is sin and what is not when it comes to rest. The only clear cut thing is anything directly against God’s command, like murder, rape, lust, adultery, etc. But none of that is restful and ought not to be restful. I sound like a madman saying all that, but I guess the obvious has to be stated.

But when is playing a videogame, or watching tv, or going on Facebook sinning?

I believe it ultimately comes down to this question: Can you do those things with a clear conscious knowing you are aiming at what God desires you to do?

The Holy Spirit dwells in Christians, and He puts God’s law upon our hearts. So, if the Holy Spirit convicts you, then no. You aren’t playing with a clear conscious knowing all God has commanded you.

But what if you can play with a clear conscious? Then great. Glory be given to God.

I myself have found that I delight far more in God, and in labor, than before because I am focusing far more upon what God desires as he lays out in His Holy Scripture. And as I posted before, I want to be as generous because Christ is generous.

I want to give my life away, for Christ’s sake. And the joy, peace, and rest is far more than before when I played more videogames.

On Riches III

“God answers prayers. And God does amazing things. But God wants His children to conform to His image. And most Christians I see think that means praying more, when really that means working more.”


Last post I ended there. And now I know that I can’t say everything that I’d like to say or need to say to answer every kind of objection to what I said.

There are many men who work hard, labor, and bust their butt’s in providing for their family. Living in America, there is much opportunity, but there is also much more we need to make to live a typical, non-extravagant life-style. And I know men who are working 60 hours a week and have little time of anything else.

Is this right or wrong? I can’t say because every circumstance is different. But I want to talk about the heart of the matter when it comes to men who are making tons of money, or working tons of hours and still can’t make ends meet.

That issue is the same one I raised before: Men are not desiring to be like God enough.

How so? Easy. Where is all that money going? What is their goal for the money they make?

A man who wants to be generous, in order to do so, first figures out what they don’t need, what they can cut on, so that they can give without increasing their income. There is excess stuff that sometimes we don’t even realize we are spending on.

God knows how much of everything he has, and he has a plan for it all, and sometimes he dumps tons of rain and tons of snow, and it all is wasted. But truly it’s not wasted because God’s ways and thoughts aren’t ours. He knows why He spent all that snow in Idaho where they turn it into slush and toss it to the side.

Do you know where your money is? Do you have a plan for where it’s going?

The next thing is we aren’t being faithful with all the resources God has given us. Much of the time we may think just about money, but truly there are far more resources than just that. God has given us fellow Christians. Are you loving and using the resources of Christ’s body? Are you cherishing your wife, and cultivating her skills and using her abilities to their potential? Your relationships, and family connections. Do you know what vast amount of wealth is before you?

The truth is, even the poorest among our congregations in America still have far more wealth than they realize because they don’t want to work, and utilize those resources. We not only waste our money, but we also waste our time, and our relationships.

As Christian we live for the glory of God. Our aim His is his pleasure and His kingdom to grow. And all of that happens only by His power. But God uses means. And His power changes people. And His power causes us to work.

And if God has given us so many resources, that we can’t help but waste much of it, we need to seek God’s strength is using the resources He has given us to the end that we seek to maximize all of it for His glory and His kingdom and His purposes.

So yes, some men and woman work too many hours, and don’t get paid enough. And there are tough situations out there. And I can’t talk about all of them. But it is the vast majority of Christians who are merely trying to get by when they don’t recognize the wealth in front of them that God has given, and instead of thanking God for it, blessing Him for it, and asking Him how can we be faithful with is and use it for His purposes, we think we don’t have enough…

And that was the Rich Young Rulers problem. He thought he didn’t have enough. He didn’t want to give it all away because what he had wasn’t enough. And he didn’t want more treasures in heaven. He didn’t want any in fact. So the Rich Young Ruler is truly a Foolishly Rich and Young Ruler. He walks away, wanting more riches, rejecting Jesus’ offer of true and lasting and far greater riches, and he walks away thinking that he wants to keep what he has.

God has blessed us beyond measure. Christians in America need to stop thinking they don’t have enough. The truth is we have so much that we are lazy, and self seeking, and self serving, and not truly loving God with all of our lives.

And this is why many ministries suffer. Because rich Christians are thinking they’re poor, have nothing to give, and yet want more, desire more, wish they had more, pray to have more, and then continue to watch movies, Netflix, Hulu, and play videogames and scroll on Facebook, spending their time and money on things that are eating away at what they could be doing and using.

Jesus Christ gave it all. Are we willing to give it all to Him? Is He truly our rest?


On Riches II


Money is an important invention which makes the trading of goods and services much easier. If we had a strict system of bartering, then many of us may never receive some of the things we need because others may not want the services or good we provide. Money turns goods and services into something that is easier to trade, as well as something that everyone can use to obtain what they desire even if they don’t do or have what others may want. Money is an equalizer.

Money is also power. Money merely represents wealth. The more wealth one has the more land, goods, services, etc they can have or even provide others.

This is why God is the wealthiest of all. He owns everything. Nothing isn’t his. And even if Satan owns it for now, it’ll be given over to Him in the end. His power is endless, which means he can generate as much wealth as he so desires.

It’s utter senseless, stupid, and downright blasphemous to not want to serve and love this God. Not merely because He gives all we need, and more. But because He does so because He desires to, and He loves being generous. All should not only desire to be his “friend” but see Him as the king over all, and the king who cannot be stopped nor beaten. Either you bow and worship him now or you will in the future, but under his wrath and not his goodness.

Now I say all this because I want other Christians to realize that, if God is wealthy, there is nothing wrong with us being wealthy. However, if we desire wealth because of wealth, and not because we want to be more generous, then truly we worship another god.

This is why I believe Christians today aren’t as potent in America as they could be. They don’t know what wealth is and for. They don’t desire to be generous. And they don’t want to live the sacrificial life God has lived.

I mean, come on. Your telling me Jesus left his riches in heaven, took on the poverty of this world, bore it on his shoulders, all at the cost of himself, and then offers it to His children? Your telling me that God became a part of His creation, in order to save His people, and then in turn offer them all of creation? And your telling me that you want to trust God to provide for you while you live a comfortable life where you are, waiting for God to do something, ignoring the example he set, ignoring Christ toiling in the world and producing the most bountiful harvest that continues to grow, because you believe God is going to just give you something when you haven’t been faithful nor been seeking to be like Christ?

You mean to tell me, that God is okay with you sitting on your butt, praying that he will change your circumstances, and then working against what God is actually trying to do? Which is change you into Christ likeness?

God answers prayers. And God does amazing things. But God wants His children to conform to His image. And most Christians I see think that means praying more, when really that means working more.


On Riches

Over the course of the past year I have been coming to the conclusion that many of us Christians in America are just like the rich young ruler.

The problem is, however, not that we have too many riches, though we certainly have a lot. The problem is we want more riches for the wrong reasons. Many of us desire a richer life, to be comfortable, to have only what we need. It’s not necessarily that we want to have millions, but a certain amount would be just enough, or where we are is just okay, but we’d readily admit we could use a little more.

Now, many people might think that simply desiring more means we are sinning in some way. We should be thankful for what we have, right? We don’t really need more, right? I mean, come on, many people are far poorer than we are, so suck it up and be grateful.

Now the problem with this thinking is that we are in the same situation as the rich young ruler. The problem isn’t we shouldn’t desire more, the problem is we don’t desire enough.

Look at it this way. The king of heaven has declared you to be his adopted child. He has sealed your inheritance by giving you two of the most precious gifts he could give: His son in your place of judgment, and the Holy Spirit for your good. And so now you walk around, a child of the king. And instead of realizing who you are, you hang your head low, thinking that your lot in life is what you had before you were adopted. You’ll just be poor.

You see, the rich young rulers problem wasn’t that he had too much or that he just couldn’t give away all his possessions. His problem was he didn’t want more possessions.

Look at Jesus’ response:

Jesus, seeing that he had become sad, said, “How difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Those who heard it said, “Then who can be saved?” But he said, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” And Peter said, “See, we have left our homes and followed you.” And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life.” (Luke 18:24-30 ESV)

The way Jesus responds to the rich young ruler may seem like having wealth hinders you from the kingdom of God because of wealth itself. But look at the last verse. Jesus is saying you will receive far more in the kingdom than what you have ever given up.

So the problem with the rich young ruler isn’t that he had too much. His problem was he had too little. Both physically and spiritually. His possessions now wouldn’t stack up with what the lowest person in the kingdom would receive.

And I say the problem with Christian in America today is the same. Our problem isn’t that we want too many riches. Our problem is we don’t want riches enough because we are offered far more in the kingdom of God.

And what did Jesus say to the rich young ruler? Sell your possessions and give it to the poor, then you’ll have treasure in heaven. I need to flesh this out more in another post, but basically put, if we want more in the kingdom of God, we need to give away more here and now. In the same way Christ gave up everything and obtained everything, we must sacrifice our lives to obtain everything.

Work hard. Obtain as much so you can give away even more. Seek wealth, not for yourselves, but for others. Make money to give to your family, friends, and those in need who can’t give back.

Be like God, who gives far more than He will ever receive. Do the same. Make as much as you can, and give even more.

The Baptism Debate

I have been diving further into the debate between Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists on the issue of baptism. It has been a great encouragement and time of learning for me. I am truly a novice in all this but I want to summarize what I have understood so far.

The Real Issue

As I have sought to understand what is the bottom of this issue I believe I have begun seeing glimpses of what it is. The issue seems to revolve around our understanding of the New Covenant, it’s administration, and what has truly been abrogated. Which can be further summarized as, the difference between the hermeneutics of Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists.

As I have been reading stuff from both sides, which perhaps I should make a list, I have begun seeing that it’s like two world views colliding. The interesting thing is these two worldviews are both thoroughly Biblical and seek to honor God’s word and live out the life God tells us in His word.

Now, I may be wrong in this assessment of what the real issue is, but I hope I will be given grace by both sides as I try to understand these issues.


On the Presbyterian side, the side which holds to the Westminster Confessions, they believe that the New Covenant is similar to that of the Abrahamic. They as well believe that the backdrop of baptism is found in the Old Testament and as such much be understood as we seek to understand baptism and who it is for.

This is where I see the strength of the Presbyterian argument. Though they’ll admit they don’t have the grammatical strength to prove that the New Testament teaches us to baptize our children, they have the strength in pointing to an Old Testament understanding that is to be carried into the New Testament. They will say that just because the New Covenant is truly new, there are also elements that have existed previously and so we must understand those elements. Part of those elements is the discussion of warning passages, who is in the New Covenant, and the nature of the New Covenant.

There is more I can say but I think this is my summary of what I have understood so far.

Reformed Baptist

On the Reformed Baptist side, which holds to the London Baptist confession of 1689, they believe that the New Covenant is truly New. They believe many, if not, all of the Old Covenant connections have been severed, it being a shadow of the New, and that the New Covenant is one which is spiritual and not physical.

This is where I see the strength of the Reformed Baptist argument. Though they’ll admit they have to handle the warning passages well, and that there is a mixture in the visible church, the strength of their argument is that the New Covenant is a covenant which God makes with His people by Christ, and Christ saves His people perfectly. Thus, baptism should only be for those professing, even if they prove not to be in the New Covenant, because it is profession that demonstrates a work of God.

I admit that I have read more from the Presbyterian side and need to get some more of the Reformed Baptist arguments, but I find the strength of the Reformed Baptists more compelling in the sense that the New Covenant seems to indicate that people cannot be lost in it. Whereas in the Presbyterian side, the New Covenant has the mixture.

My Thoughts

As I study this more I am confronted with taking all the New Testament and Old Testament teach, and see it all together. There are many New Testament statements and realities that I have not considered, but I praise God for faithful and God honoring men who seek to truly honor the word of God. May we all seek to be more Biblical.

Honoring local churches

Now, I want to emphasis something that I need to. I have posted a few posts about the local church and sad stories about false and destructive teachings being taught within those local churches. I want to say that not all churches do such things, and not all churches use their members like that, and that not all who work or are apart of those churches knowingly do such things. But not knowing your doing it is no excuse. As I said, however, not all churches do this and people who attend those churches aren’t all alike.

Often, such churches are so ishy and squishy that everyone has all sorts of beliefs. They may have a clear mission statement, like changing the world for Christ, but when it comes to what that means, it often isn’t well understood. So what happens is the mission becomes the center, the thing honored, and in the process of working towards the mission they go in many directions because truly the mission has little root in what the Bible says or what this mission means. And so, soon you are more about the mission than about God, and you lose sight of what is important because no one has said anything else but the mission. These ill defined missions cause problems and people now want you to be apart of the mission. The mission, the mission, it’s all about the mission.

Soon, God’s call on your life is either to be apart of the mission or to give to the mission, and you become a second class kind of citizen. So when you get into “leadership,” you will be attacked by Satan because you are about the churches “mission.” When the truth is that you probably already believe many lies, have your own thoughts, barely know the bible, and so if anything bad happens to you or if you have quarrels with people or anything is “dissuading you” from the mission, it is Satan’s fault. When the truth of the matter is, you, once being a child of Satan, a child of disobedience, following the prince of the power of the air, you still have lies that float about in your mind and will come out when things happen around you or to you. So, in a very real sense, yes these thoughts are ungodly and are false, but in another sense it’s not Satan implanting new thoughts in your mind. No, instead it’s old patterns of thought and belief that rears up in your mind, and we are told to set our minds upon Christ and renew our minds in the truth of who Christ is and what He has done.

Now, saying all this doesn’t seem to honor local churches. If anything, I am making the problem worse. I am dishonoring churches by pointing out part of what’s wrong at those churches.

This is simply false. To honor a Christian as a Christian you have to point out what is wrong each others life. You don’t call them unbelievers or false believers, though sometimes they may be, but you call them up to the higher standard. So I may disrespect them as a church, but as Christians and as Humans, I am calling them to higher standards and pleading that they see what is wrong and change. Repent.

The danger in doing so is if I am blinded to my own sins. And often we are. We have huge logs in our eyes. But by God’s grace I have men and women around me who call out the sin in my life and aid me in taking out those logs.

I say this as someone who once was a member of these types of churches. I know what it’s like. And in a very real sense they want to please and honor God. The problem is the foundation isn’t rooted in God. It isn’t rooted in His word.

So I want to honor my heritage, as wrong as it may be, by thanking God for such places that gave me the ability to strengthen my love for God and His word. In spite of what may have been taught, I learned much about seeking God because others encouraged me to do it more and often were inspired by how much I truly lived out what was taught, albeit watered down, imperfectly, and with a wrong emphasis. However, there was encouragement there. And I thank God for that encouragement. It was ultimately made me leave the church.


President Trump

We have been all waiting for this new transition of Presidents, and it has happened. President Donald J. Trump is now in office. There is much speculation as to what may or may not go on. There is much talk about what can possibly happen. I want to talk about what will not happen.

  1. Aliens won’t invade earth.
  2. Armageddon (well, possibly)
  3. Everyone receiving 1,000,000 dollars
  4. Animals learn to talk
  5. Pigs fly

But I also do want to add that I believe God sovereignly orders and ordains all things in the universe. Nothing escapes his control or grasp. Nothing can escape his notice. And he will always be Himself forever, never changing. So regardless of what may change, I know God is in control, and He works things together for the sake of His glory, which is my highest joy, and I can do nothing but be excited as to what may happen. May all Christians everywhere be faithful to Christ and seek His honor and name to resound throughout the earth.

Stories from a local church

So I don’t go looking for these stories. I truly don’t. They come to me. And this story is connected with the other one because it comes from the same church.

Last year I spoke with a client who told me how his wife had been working at this particular church for a while now, working full time but being paid part-time (unjust right?). Though, of course people who want to work somewhere more hours and is okay with being paid less is their decision.

The husband was telling me that after a while he started getting tired of it. She was away from home all the time when she was suppose to only be away for half the time she was. She wasn’t being paid for being away that whole time. And, she was neglecting her homes, husband, and kids.

So he was tired of it. He had attended the church and was a regular member. So he decided he would talk to the pastor who had told him when she started that if they ever needed anything to come directly to him. Well, he tried to go directly to him and that didn’t work. He was prevented and instead was told that he has to talk with a different pastor. That was a little annoying, and it didn’t seem like a Godly thing to do to dishonor your word, but he complied. So he met with this other pastor to talk about the situation with this other pastor.

Now mind you, this isn’t just a staff member but a pastor of the church. So after telling the pastor what was going on, the pastor tells my client that when God’s people get into ministry Satan tries attacking that family even more and what they needed to do is to pray for his home. So the pastor takes anointing oil, anoints my clients head, and prays. My client tells the pastor he would like to do a few counseling sessions to talk about this and talk it through, but the pastor said there would be no need because they prayed and that they were doing what God had wanted.

If you don’t see anything wrong with that, then you have a very different outlook on ministry, family life, and God’s will than I do.

It angers me and saddens me at the same time. Thank God his wife slowly started realizing it was too much and she quit. Does that mean they know God’s will? Not exactly. But now at least they have removed themselves from spiritual abuse.

And I must make a disclaimer: I am not against organized religion/churches. I believe in organization and order and unity. I go to a church and I want even more structure, not less. I want more unity and more organization.

The issue isn’t churches in general. Churches are made up of people. The issue is sin and incorrect understanding of God’s Word. That needs to change.

On Crafting unspontaneously

There is some idea that is floating out in the cosmos of the minds of Westerners today that art must be spontaneous. It must flow ‘from the heart’ in order to be authentic. Drivel. All drivel. Such stupidity floats in the cosmos.

The hearts of man today is full of sin. What comes from their heart is authentic for sure. Authentically stupid. I don’t want to read and see and hear some sop soul pouring out their hearts. Most of that stuff gives little thought to life and what it’s like. Most of that stuff is more reflective of our depraved condition than it is on the beauty of creation.

God has made us co-creators. We have been given the ability to create and craft beauty. And if we imitate God then we are imitating the master beauty creator. But in order to follow the master smithy, the grand creator, the great artist, we must reflect upon how he does it and why he does it. We must reflect on what he has made and done. And that takes work and it doesn’t flow naturally from ourselves.

We want the easy way out. We want for things to just “flow” from us. It would certainly make things easier, but who said life was about making things easier? We labor and toil because all our laboring and toiling shapes us. As we shape the ground we ourselves get shaped. As we craft our prose, our souls gets forged.

So labor diligently in anything you do. Work at it for the Lord and not for men. Imitate Christ, not other men. And learn from other men.

Beauty isn’t spontaneous. Anything that seems spontaneous is often a seed that has been planted in rich soil that took years to lay. The plant springs up almost spontaneously, but the soil didn’t spring up spontaneously. It was laid there. Festering in nutrients until a seed would fall upon it.

Story from a local church clarification

I want to make a few things clear about my past two posts.

  1. I don’t believe the church is made up of believers and non-believers. It is entirely against the bible to teach, preach, and conduct a gathering of the saints of God with the view in mind that you also want those who hate God to join in on the worship.
  2. I do believe that Christians ought to be thoroughly Biblical in their connections to a local body of believers who truly affirm the word of God as their sole infallible rule of faith.
  3. I’m a Calvinist.

I hope that clears up a few things that perhaps may needed to be said because as I read over them I realized a few things could be misunderstood.