Resolve to read the Bible

This is an easy resolution, especially for us Christians. But might I suggest, as I have been saying, to really resolve to do this. Don’t just make a plan, but understand the importance of this, and count the cost of reading the bible daily. Make plans for circumstances like when you go out of town. Set up reminders on your phone. Use any and all means you can to get the Bible in your spirit daily. Resolve to do just a chapter a day and to reflect three minutes on it. That should take only five minutes in total.

Don’t be afraid to start small. Maybe ten verses a day.

Should and could you be doing more? Of course. But better to start small rather than not at all or not do it because you are already not where you ought to be and so you don’t work at it in any way.

So do it. Do a chapter. Or do ten verses. But plan it out. Spend an hour this week, maybe before you go to sleep, 10 minutes each day, thinking about a reading plan, thinking about increasing in how much you read, and setting a slow pace and picking up more if possible.

A great way to start if you want to know how important it is to read the Bible is by reading Psalm 119.

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