Prayer as a Resolution

I commend to us all to pray regularly as a resolution. Let me tell you how I have come to pray more. Sometimes it starts with our beliefs.

I use to believe that I must pray a certain number of minutes. As thought praying a certain length of time was more godly. This isn’t true. However, deciding not to pray or ignoring prayer certainly isn’t godly. So, we must seek to pray more and pray according to God’s Word.

I have been praying daily for the past month, for probably only 10 minutes a day as I walk my son. I generally pray the same thing, petitioning to God for many things. And though prayer should not always be one thing, I am starting and working my way towards more.

I use an app called Logos Bible Software. In it there is a prayer list function in which you can create a prayer list. I use it because it organizes it easier and has a check box for each day, so I can check off what I have prayed for. But use whatever app or thing to make a list, but make one and start praying. And pray everyday.

Don’t worry about how or what yet. Pray to God and do it consistently, and resolve to learn more about prayer. How to pray, what to pray, why to pray, etc. And then, add more petitions. And then add praises. Add thanksgivings. Make those a list.

There certainly may be times where you aren’t praying out of some heartfelt passion, but Christ doesn’t say we need to feel our prayers, we just need to pray them and believe God hears us, regardless of how we feel.

Pray even about how you feel. Pray prayers of repentance. Make lists of all of it. Have a miscellaneous lists of things you’ve prayed for.

Don’t over-spiritualize prayer and don’t under-spiritualize it either. See prayer for what it is. Know what it is. And seek to honor God in all of it.

Don’t be afraid of starting small. Even if it’s a few things a day, do it. But resolve to grow in it. It’s wrong to feel like you need to pray for three hours or thirty minutes. Work up to that time, but start with thirty seconds.

Perhaps you should be more mature in your prayer “life” by now. You’ve been “walking with God” for ten years now. Well, repent of your lack of growth in this area, because you haven’t cultivated it, and begin small.

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