Husbands: Resolve to do Family Devotions

When we resolve to do something we are not merely tipping our hats at an idea. We are declaring the importance of our resolution and are deciding to work towards that knowing the cost.

And so I am resolving to do more family devotions in this new year because I have done a horrible job this past year, which shouldn’t be.

As a husband, I am the head of my wife and I am commanded to imitate Christ in my marriage. One of the ways I do that is by washing my wife with the water of the word. Am I doing this? Husbands, are you doing this?

And we don’t wash her by correcting her when she is wrong and using three examples from the bible, though there are times for that. Do you wash her with word in the same way that Christ washed His disciples with the word? Are you doing it in and out of season? Are you doing it when she doesn’t “need it?”

This isn’t simply a snickering matter. We must not feel smug because many other men around us don’t do it. We must not compare ourselves to ourselves. We must compare ourselves to Christ and strive to be like Him. We are told to do this. To not do it is sin. We are the heads of our houses. How is the growth of those under you?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to how to do the devotions or when or how often, but it must be something you think about and do and plan, aiming for the growth and good of your wife, caring for her as you care for yourself. Caring for your family. Tending them like a shepherd.

May we repent of our slothfulness in this area. May we repent of our laziness in this. Let us take up the fact of our headship and be good heads, leading like the good shepherd who leads us. If she doesn’t read on her own, read with her. If she doesn’t pray on her own, pray with her. Sing with her. Love her as a sheep of Christ. Feed her as one of God’s people.

May we resolve to act like men, imitating the man of men, Christ.


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