Incarnation of Christ

As my wife and I continue to strive to be of one mind and heart, since we are one flesh, we have been talking about what our traditions are going to look like when we have our own home. Especially around Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter. As we approach Christmas day, this season almost coming to a close, we reflect ever more upon the incarnation of Christ.

The incarnation of Jesus Christ is probably the most staggering, life altering, soul changing truth on this planet, right next to the death and resurrection of Christ. But why would that be?

The incarnation of Christ is the second person of the being of God (the second person of the trinity) becoming a man, taking on human flesh. Without Christ taking on human flesh you have no death or resurrection of Christ, no atonement of sin, no giving of the Holy Spirit, nor sanctification, justification, preservation, nor do you get an inheritance or eternal life.

Without the incarnation of Christ you don’t get Christianity.

But that’s not what’s staggering about it. To reflect upon the incarnation of Christ is to reflect upon the creator of the cosmos, the universe, and of all things in it, coming down and entering into his creation, becoming a part of it and joining into it. The incarnation demonstrates not only God’s love for His people, but also God’s love for the creation as a whole. He loved His people and His creation so much that He entered into it to restore it and make it new.

But he didn’t just enter into it. He entered into it as most men do, through a womb, through a mother. By being birthed. God didn’t merely come into the world by some mere appearing as a man. He came as a man via the same way all men come, except Christ didn’t have an earthly father or an earthly seed. The seed sown into Mary’s womb was the seed of God, not of man, and thus Christ was the God-man.

That is the reason why Christmas exists. It exists as a celebration of Christ entering into the world, of Christ coming to save His people and His creation. He loves both, and He is going to make both new. So enjoy giving gifts this seasons to one another. Feast, eat, drink, but be sober minded and enjoy the reason why we can do these things: Because God isn’t willing to destroy His creation, but that it be restored back to Himself.

What better way to demonstrate His amazing attributes than by keeping and restoring His creation rather than destroying it. Praise God for Him entering into the world as a baby, as a man, and for saving His people. May we forever dwell upon the greatness of God, the great patriarch.

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