What am I learning?: Russia

So over the past few weeks there has come out a lot of articles claiming that Russia has rigged the election. Some use the word rigged, others use words like influenced, meddled, and hacked.

I could point out the hypocrisy of the left and their moaning about the election when they were the ones who were upset that Trump and his followers wouldn’t accept the result. I could also make fun of and demonstrate the absolute childishness of it all. But it’s suffice to say that nearly huge percent of American’s need to grow up.

Something interesting I thought of while reading all about Russia and the leaking of the emails is this: So what if Russia meddled with the election? Doesn’t America do that all the time with nearly the rest of the world?

For a country who is all against bullying, we sure know how to bully the rest of the world. I think it’s about time America repents of it’s hypocrisy, owns up to our meddling with the rest of the world, and accepts that the world would love to influence our elections because our election actually affects the rest of the world more than most. And with great power given comes great responsibility.

I commend the Russian hacker. At least he was trying to influence the election. Most Americans don’t even vote.

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