Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mr. Trump

It seems the 45th(is it sad I had to look that up?) president of the United States is Donald J. Trump. I only want to make the comment that I realize how little about government I know, and how little I understand the effects of these elections. For one, I know the President doesn’t have as much power as I use to think, but at the same time I realize how much power and influence the president does have now. And that’s a lot.

Something else I realize is I know very little about our political system, constitution, and American history. I don’t know if I’m the only one in this boat, though I doubt I am, but this boat seems to be a sad one.

But all I can say is I didn’t vote for Trump. I voted third party. But I accept what has happened, though I don’t understand all the effects of it and the events leading up to it. As a Christian, I will pray for my leaders. I ought to, I’m commanded to, and I desire to now more than ever. Paul told his people to pray for their leaders in government. And that government was persecuting and killing Christians. Ours isn’t that bad, yet, so we definitely ought to pray for ours, no matter our thoughts on their character or moral state.