Pure Hearts

There never has been a time where my heart was pure. Absolute statements can be dangerous, but I feel it is safe to say that I have never done anything out of a pure heart nor do I have a pure heart.

As a Christian, it can seem rather shocking. Jesus did say, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” And if I am saying my heart isn’t pure, then I am saying I will not see God.

I do not go that far, however. The reason being that I believe God has given me the down payment of my inheritance, the Holy Spirit. The reason I have been given the Holy Spirit is becauseĀ the work of Christ and the plan of God in election which has brought about a great work in me. And so, although my heart is not pure, Christ is the pure one whom I cast all my hope in to advocate for me before the Father in order to appease the wrath that was against me. And even my hope is not pure, but praise be to God that I have a perfect advocate who can save even the most wretched of sinners.

The only hearts that demonstrate the pure work of the Savior are those hearts who look into the face of Christ and see God.


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Husband. Father of one. Writer of fiction. Massage Therapist. Video Game, Comic Book, Fiction, and Non-Fiction enjoy'r. Reader of Theology. You may find him reading the Bible. View all posts by TruthN

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