It was once said somewhere that if as a Christian you don’t address the main issues of the culture, the main loves and virtues protected and adored by a culture, then you won’t be heard on all the other issues. So here I am, writing about the pet of the American culture, which is protected and declared as the greatest thing.

Homosexuality has become one of the key issues in America today. It has changed policies, law, politics, political agendas, and has caused an uproar among many. Many Christian denominations have succumbed to a homoethic, leaving Christendom and no longer bowing to the King of Kings and instead are bowing to the all powerful man who wants tampons in men’s bathrooms. Many evangelical leaders, who are still trying to include everyone in their services are now struggling between keeping silent and following Jesus, which is a dangerous position to be in because it means they aren’t already following Jesus.

We live in a ishy-squishy age where the fight for sanity is being completely lost in America. But that’s okay, since most rebel sinners don’t care for sanity. We get to choose our reality in America. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, then let them be insane.

It is the progressive mindset that has pushed for the gay agenda to come about. And now that they have done so, all the other progressive movements and agendas are being destroyed. It’s what happens when you are foolish and your worldview is built upon foolishness.

Woman’s rights has been an issue in our society, pushed and fought for. Within the matter of two years, the word woman has little meaning now. The very progressives who wanted woman’s rights have now destroyed those rights. If a man can become a woman, and a woman a man, or even be genderless, then words and concepts have lost all their meaning. There is no such thing as being a woman or man in America. Woman’s rights is a meaningless phrase, since any man can become a woman, and any woman can become a man.

In one year, the homosexual agenda progressive types slapped women in the face everywhere by calling Bruce Jenner a woman and then giving him the woman of the year award. Here is an example of your mighty heroes of today. Who destroy their own work, and praise themselves for it.

Sadly, most wont feel offended that a man became the woman of the year.

The decay of our society is real. And the church will be progressively persecuted. It has begun already and it will continue. We will have persecution from without and persecution from within. Many church goers will attack other church goers. Splits will happen. And that’s a good thing. We don’t need to be tied to people who care nothing about the Gospel. We don’t need to fellowship with those who disregard the cross of Christ as a nice thought. It is the very life blood of a Christian. And Jesus died to bare the wrath of God against sin. Sins, which God hates. And homosexuality is one of those many sins he hates.

To think that Jesus died for such sins, and then commends people to continue to practice those sins is utterly ridiculous.

Many won’t hear what I am about to write next, but that’s okay, I don’t expect a world that loves insanity to understand plain words. As much as God hates sin, and as much as I hate sin and the celebration of sin, that doesn’t mean I somehow think I am better than anyone else. If anything, I am humbled because it was my sin that Jesus bore.

Though I write against the homosexual agenda. Though I am coming out as someone against the American culture and celebration of homosexuality today, that doesn’t mean I see myself as better. The Gospel is to be preached to all men. All men everywhere are called to repent of their sins and to trust in Jesus Christ, and to sanctify Him as Lord in their hearts and to bow their knees to Him.

But I will be misunderstood. That’s okay. I stand with Jesus Christ and I offer you the Gospel.

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