We do not ask

There is a command that Paul gives in the letter of Ephesians that says, “be filled with the Spirit.”

I want to simply say something that I believe it necessary in the Christian life. Regardless if you believe we can be filled with God or not. Regardless if you believe we can do something to be filled or not. No matter where you are or what you believe as a follower of Christ, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. If Paul said it, as an apostle, then you better believe that it means something for you.

I believe we are not filled with the Holy Spirit it’s because we are not asking. God delights in our asking and he commands our asking. And only those who love God will even desire to be filled with the Spirit.

You may ask, “what does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?” Or, “what does it look like?” The passage answers these questions, and the Bible answers much more. But I will tell you that no matter what it looks like or what it means, it is better if you bow your knees before God and ask Him. Do not think that intellectual ascent will make you filled with the Spirit. I guarantee you it won’t. Knowing what water filling a cup looks like and what it means that a cup is full doesn’t mean that the cup will be filled. You have to go out and find water before the cup is filled. Looking at pictures online won’t satisfy the empty cup before you.

So ask the questions, and answer them. But don’t wait until they’re answered before you ask God. Don’t wait until you have satisfied every answer you possible can about the subject before you ask God. God deals with children all the time. No man on earth has had too big a view of God or the perfect view of God apart from Jesus Christ. So don’t think you need to mature your thinking before you ask God for something He says He’d give you. Go to Him and ask. Ask him to fill you.

You may have the Holy Spirit. But to be filled with the Holy Spirit is different. Which is why Paul said that Christians need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Not because they weren’t given the Holy Spirit as a down payment, which they were as Paul wrote in chapter one, but because they were given the Holy Spirit, and now they needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Ask God. Ask Him daily. Ask Him hourly. No one has been filled with too much of the Holy Spirit. I can guarantee you that.

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